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A little context for the podcast:

1. The first 12 episodes are the basis of the initial 12 week coaching program I do. 

2. There's 4 more series in the podcast:

  • The "Coached live and on air" episodes are someone going through the 12 weeks on air. They are marked with # at the beginning.
  • For 2016 I did a 48 part series marked with (#) on living out a clear mission and building a healthy leadership community. 
  • For 2017 I did a series on the 12 learnable skills of a leader. 
  • I'm currently doing a series of interviews with folks called thestuckbook.com interviews.


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If you’re a leader, this podcast will give you the tools that you need to break through whatever hurdles you’re facing. I’ve consumed dozens of books and audio on the subject of management/leadership and none of them have affected me the way that SightShift has. The content that you can get FOR FREE from Chris is insanely valuable. His coaching is even better.
— Mike Albert

SightShift is jammed full with excellent leadership advice and motivation. Deep, thoughtful analysis and comprehensive episodes. Highly recommended for all leaders.
— Mark Stansbury