Insecure leaders ruin their mission
and community in one of 2 ways:


They are naive and don't use their strength to protect


They manipulate and don't empower.


Your mission and your community
are too important to ruin. 

Our Why



SightShift exists to move society forward through leadership training.


SightShift takes leaders through micro-apprenticeships to lead brave and kind.


SightShift aims to have 40,000 certified coaches by the year 2052.

SightShift yo self with these tools.

“Chris McAlister’s content on leadership is like none other that I’ve seen before. He quickly gets at the heart of what true great leaders are made of and how folks can transform themselves. The best way I can describe his essence is a psychologist, a leadership expert, a sage and a comedian all wrapped up into one. He has helped me and several of my teams to improve, not only their work performance, but also in other aspects of their lives.”
— Director, Worldwide Safety and Assurance for Disney, Michael Siemer