January 23, 2023

Achieving Clarity and Predictability as a Leader: Insights on Storytelling, Communication and Identity

In this episode, Doug, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and the Executive Director of the Columbus International Film Festival, shares insights on storytelling, communication, and identity as a leader. He discusses how his diverse experiences, from competing in mixed martial arts to filming music videos in Iceland, have helped shape his ability to bring stories to life through film and how he applies these skills to help brands with their broader marketing needs. He also provides tips on how to improve communication and create predictability for teams.

Tune into this episode with us to hear about:

  • How a secure identity can help you shift gears when necessary
  • Types of struggles with balancing being a business owner
  • How Doug learned about storytelling and narrative through his experiences traveling the world and working on music videos and documentaries
  • Tips on improving competency in communication and creating predictability for your team
  • How to create predictability for your team so they can thrive
  • And so much more!

About Our Guest:

Over the years, Doug has become an award-winning, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, a producer of international campaigns, a strategic advisor to C-suite executives, and the Executive Director of the oldest film festival in the U.S., the Columbus International Film Festival.

Doug's journey through entrepreneurship has been anything but easy or ordinary. It encompasses learning the art of storytelling in his grandmother's biker bar, competing in mixed martial arts and international grappling tournaments to filming music videos in Iceland. These collective experiences helped him develop his craft of bringing stories to life through film. As brands began to request his work, he saw how he could impact their broader marketing needs through storytelling—ultimately setting the foundation for Serif Creative.

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