March 13, 2023

Discovering Your Best Self and Building a Successful Startup (With Chris Ritchie)

In this episode, we interview Chris Ritchie, who talks about his personal growth journey and how he helps early-stage tech startups retain top talent. Chris also shares some of the big shifts he went through in his career, from leaving corporate America to working in startups. He emphasizes the importance of being the best version of oneself and balancing progress with conserving wisdom from the past. 

Chris also gives insights on how to build an early-stage sales team, focusing on being intentional and consistent in efforts to help the team. Lastly, he shares his view of success, which is less focused on making more money or responsibility novelty, and more on being true to oneself and focusing on quality inputs. 

Tune into this episode with us to hear about:

  • How personal growth is a journey and a continuous effort to be the best version of oneself
  • Tips on building an early-stage sales team and how to be intentional and consistent in efforts to help the team
  • Why leaders must be thoughtful, intentional, and not rush into action to be safe and trusted
  • How success is less about making more money or responsibility novelty and more about being true to oneself and focusing on quality inputs
  • And so much more!

About Our Guest: Chris Ritchie is a Managing Partner at Integrity Power Search, a retained search firm serving early stage VC/PE backed technology companies.

Prior to joining IPS in January, Chris spent the last six years in executive positions at two venture backed startups, Olive and Finite State. 

His roles have included ownership over marketing, legal, finance/accounting, talent and sales, helping scale Olive (Unicorn healthcare automation company) from 30 to 200+ employees (500+ today) and Finite State (IoT Cyber Security) from 12 to 80+ employees during his tenures.

Chris has a bachelor’s degree from Miami University with a focus in Finance.

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