March 6, 2023

Breaking the Chains of Insecurity: A CFO's Leadership Journey (With Owen Wyss)

In this podcast, we discuss how insecurities can unconsciously shape our lives and how assimilating into a new team is crucial for leaders. We also explore how leadership extends beyond work and involves avoiding projecting personal expectations onto others.

Tune into this episode with us to hear about:

  • How insecurity unconsciously shapes our lives and ways in which we can lean into the discomfort of the unknown
  • Becoming the contributor you desire to be in your work 
  • The importance of focusing on improving what is within one's control instead of external factors
  • How leadership extends beyond work and how we can avoid avoiding projecting personal expectations onto others
  • Ways in which we can use our parenting challenges to grow as leaders, build more self-awareness, and positively impact all areas of our lives
  • And so much more!

About Our Guest: Owen Wyss is CFO for Thompson Concrete and Complete General. He is a vital part of the team's efforts to make their 2030 vision a reality. Owen's experience has been gained in the construction industry, a sector he loves, marrying his business expertise with his upbringing on farms in rural north central Ohio. During his previous role, he was responsible for all aspects of finance and accounting, risk management, legal, HR, IT, and safety.

Owen's most memorable project is Gravity I in downtown Columbus, Ohio, which symbolizes the area's revitalization. He loves the people of Central Ohio, their friendly and welcoming nature, and their commitment to their sports teams. Owen enjoys serving others in his role, providing the tools and information they need to be effective and efficient. He believes that presenting potential solutions alongside problems is good advice and loves to give his opinion. In his spare time, Owen has a passion for cars and owns three, along with enjoying bourbon, shooting sporting clays, golfing, fishing, and watching Bengals or Michigan football games.

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