January 4, 2024

Lead for Impact, Not Validation

The following is a 10-part series from the SightShift Podcast, where we explore the crucial shift from leading for validation to leading for impact.

Part 1: Unpacking the Flaws in Leadership and Transforming Validation into Lasting Influence

Part 2: Unmasking Leadership Insecurities: The Path to Impactful Leadership

Part 3: The Art of Leading With Purpose: Finding Impact Beyond Validation

Part 4: Uncovering the Secrets of Impactful Leadership: Harnessing Balanced Impact

Part 5: Mastering the Mindset: The Key to Leaving a Lasting Leadership Legacy

Part 6: Unleashing Action Over Empathy: Recognizing the Transformative Power of Mercy

Part 7: Conquer Your Doubts and Master Leadership: Unleash Your Hidden Potential

Part 8: The Impact of Doubt on Your Leadership

Part 9: The 3 Elements of Great Leadership (Your Leadership Operating System)

Part 10: The 7 Terrible Ending Points for Leadership Development