September 10, 2020

Where Are You In The 4 Stage Progression Of Wisdom?

Do you get upset when people are stubborn in their thinking?

Do you get bothered when you can't change their mind?

Any time you spend trying to change someone's mind is time wasted.

Live your changed life. They can join you when they are ready.

How can you live a changed life that they would want? > Learn how to keep maturing in wisdom.


Here's a four-stage progression I have used for myself for years (and I secretly use this when listening to people to hear what their words reveal):

Stage 1: How do I engage problems?

Immature: Life is my enemy.

Mature: This problem will grow me.

Stage 2: How do I engage others?

Immature: They are my enemy.

Mature: Where they bother me reveals some more growth in me.

Stage 3: How do I engage my worldview?

Immature: The universe isn't for me but against me.

Mature: My worldview upgrades as I grow.

Stage 4: How do I engage myself?

Immature: I am a victim.

Mature: I am my own worst enemy.

Admitting that you have the potential to be your own worst enemy doesn't emotionally take you somewhere negative.

Paradoxically, it lifts you up.

You reach your highest mindset and creative state when you own the chief reality of maturity:

I am responsible to use what is happening in my life for my growth.

(Nerdy side note that I should cut out to not break your reading flow but I can't resist and it's my email list...hahaha...NOTICE I didn't say, "I alone am responsible for my growth." That can't be true. You're not the causal agent all of your life's circumstances. I know this is very deep. I'll share a creative project soon dedicated to just this. Back to the topic at hand...)

There are three groups of people reading this:

Type 1. You're on the path to maturity.

You're progressing through these stages again and again. You understand this process is never finished.

New circumstances and deepening relationships present opportunities to feel insecurities in your ego. Those are your growth moments. No matter how far you've come, there's more.

What's really exciting to me about this group of people is they want to learn how to mine every opportunity for its wealth. "There's gold in them thar hills."

Type 2. You're not on the path to maturity.

You have gotten stuck in immature thinking at one of the stages.

The biggest clue to your stuckness? You're perpetually frustrated at something or someone. (I say perpetually because we all get stuck! We all get frustrated. I just don't want to stay there.)

Type 3. You want to accelerate others on their path to maturity.

These people are satisfied with asking, "Am I growing?". They are instead focused on asking "Are the people around me growing?"

Actions you can take as a result of what I'm sharing with you today:

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