If you’re going to go as far as you can in your life...at some point it’s not enough to be fueled with the “I will show them” energy. It has to switch from an external motivation to an internal motivation. You at your best becomes the overflow of desire.

You can become your own sage.

I've been called a non-judgmental self knowledge guide. I like that because my obsession is to help you become brilliant at leading your self and then others.  

When you're passionate to make the most of your life then you'll often feel a tug of war within yourself. 

Falsely we believe our identity (who you are and how you feel about yourself) is on the line with our decisions and actions. This blocks us from accessing our relaxed and most brilliant self while also hindering our ability to expand our capacity.

There's so many choices and options. Should you go? Stay? Seize the opportunity or recognize it as distraction?

You feel ambitious one moment and reluctant the next.

I'm here when you want to un-numb. When you're ready to answer those deep questions (even figure out what the questions are). You can't deny those questions. You can't be dominated by them either (and all the feelings they bring up)...

Average performance stuffs those questions and plays with a chip on their shoulder. Even good performance plays with something to prove. 

I didn't make this for them. I created this for you. You want to be world class. And you only sustain that level of performance when you play with a sense of freedom even when others think everything is on the line.

You've come so far. And you believe there's so much more. You want to be the best of who you can become.

I'll teach you the skills to become your best. Coaching isn't a transfer of motivation from me to you. It's a transfer of skill. 

All those who join the coaching program now also get access to The SightShift Leadership Academy for the entire calendar year of whenever they joined the coaching.

What they said:

“I’m forever grateful that I was introduced to Chris a year + a half ago. At the time, CHAARG was growing rapidly, ++ I was struggling — it was getting hard to manage the increased number of people, + I needed *systems* in place... but I didn’t know where to begin. Chris was a *self-help guru* — but I was a bit skeptical... I felt like I didn’t need to work on that [I practically live on self-help books], so I asked if we could just work on the business side. Little did I know, Chris would help me on #AllTheSides of business [systems, management, leadership, visionary], but also help me so much in my personal life. I can’t thank Chris enough, ++ I hope to always have him a part of my life — as a mentor + friend. Everyone needs a lil’ dose of Chris in their life!”

Elisabeth Tavierne

"We have noticed that self help doesn’t stick. Luckily we found SightShift and were able to make permanent changes in our everyday lives. Intensive two day training with Chris McAlister was an eye opening experience. This helped us to figure out our fears and unlearn old habits. Practical tools were easy to use because they were introduced at a personal level. Our organization has noticed the change in us and the better results we achieve in our leadership. This is why our management is eager to bring this to the whole organization. SightShift would bring a big change to Finnish corporate culture!"

Salla Alajoki and Pasi Iisakkala

"This content is THE BEST I have ever read, experienced, and applied. I read the book and went through the coaching with Chris and the results were priceless. I finally understood why I had some bad repeating behaviors that were causing me to get in my own way. Chris unblocked my creative flow and continues to do so. Every. Damn. Time. Stuck? Don't wait. This is the key to busting through and unlocking your brilliance. It's time to figure that shift out." 

Ryan Magada

"It's like a bootcamp for your mind! Training for the mind and soul. First Chris uncovers what you really fear (which might surprise you) and then he builds you back up even stronger. Going through the coaching series and reading Figure That Shift Out I have become more aware of myself and how I interact with others around me. Self awareness is one of the most powerful attributes you can obtain and Chris knows exactly how to help you get to that point. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to up there game as a leader, creator, teacher, or just as a human."

Bobby Jocson

"The experience of conversing and learning from Chris on a regular basis was an invaluable experience for me. I went to Chris because I was "stuck", professionally, and meeting with Chris helped remove so many mental roadblocks that I had been putting in front of myself. Chris is one of the most perceptive and hilarious people I know. Allowing him to help you will be an experience you will surely not regret."

Nils Root

"I hired Chris at the recommendation of a colleague. I expected to gain some insights on how to run my start up business more efficiently and more mission focused. However what I gained was greater. Not only did we discuss business processes, the real value came through discussing my leadership style and career goals. Chris helped me to become confident in my vision for my career. He helped me identify things that block me from the vision and things I can do to work towards the vision. Ultimately, Chris's twelve week coaching not only empowered my business but had huge impacts on my personal life as well. It was a positive shift in the way I think about work and relationships. I recommended many close friends take this course."

Kevin Scott McIntyre

In your friend circle you're the last person anyone would say needs coaching. And yet, it's for you that I made the most advanced self development program I could. You'll learn how to lead yourself to your best in every moment. Ready? Fill out the form. More info? Scroll down.

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Want more info on the "Figure That Shift Out" coaching?


Episode #1 of the podcast that explains my approach to help you lead secure: CLICK HERE.

Check out the book that is an overview of the process: figurethatshiftout.com (in the weekly chats I cover elements not covered in the book and help you apply the content specifically to your situation)

We'll cover these 12 steps over 12 weeks.

1. Reframe everything.
Outcome: How to think through your life and leadership to be as resilient as possible. 

2. No more proving or hiding.
Outcome: How to lead with authenticity while maintaining courage and kindness.

3. Learn your story.
Outcome: How to understand and harness your experiences for effective leadership. 

4. Flip the lie.
Outcome: How to recognize each moment's potential to move the mission forward and build relationships. 

5. Write a new ending.
Outcome: How to chart your leadership journey to be value based over your personal interests. 

6. Train the brain.
Outcome: How to position the brain for experiences that make your leadership dynamic and compelling in the extreme wins and losses of leading.

7. Lose to find.
Outcome: How to recover under the pressure of leadership rather than trying to remove the pressure.

8. Give where it hurts.
Outcome: How to establish a baseline of leadership that gives more than it takes.

9. Improve decision making.
Outcome: How to recognize personal pitfalls in decision making and avoid them. 

10. Master conflict.
Outcome: How to avoid unnecessary conflict and lead through it when necessary to increase the quality of relationships.

11. Enjoy relationships.
Outcome: How to build an atmosphere of psychological safety and deep trust.

12. Teach what you know.
Outcome: How to replicate a healthy culture through all levels of the organization.


  • Become confident in the most difficult of relationships.

  • Get clarity on your mission that transcends your job.

  • Process your day to close open loops that create anxiety.

  • Use your problems to build momentum in every category of your life.

  • Employ practices and strategies to stay focused and motivated.

  • Be happy with yourself regardless of circumstances.

  • Develop awareness to build great teams for life and work.

  • Become a brilliant leader that can discern what each moment needs.

  • Invest who you are to grow your most important relationships.

They said some more:

"It's no overstatement to say that SightShift changed my life, and in amazing ways. The self awareness I gained improved my relationships at home and in work. Each day I apply the strategies Chris and SightShift teach and I continue to find more security and confidence in who I am which makes me better at what I do. I do and will continue to recommend to friends and family that they pick up the book and apply the strategies. I don't expect to ever grow out of or forget what I've learned from SightShift."

Sean Hundley

"The SightShift Coaching Program has been incredible for my next steps. Reading the book is a great start for your heart and mind. Discussing what you're learning with friends and family brings it even closer to home. Taking a step by step walk beside Chris through the entire process completely takes it to the next level. The process of Identity>Mission>Community has changed how I view myself, relationships, friendships, work, leadership, and pretty much every other area of my life. I can't recommend this program enough to anyone and everyone ready to understand themselves and have their lives changed forever."

Matt Ramsey

"By far one of the best investments I have made into my personal life.  This has restructured my view of everything that I do.  Thinking I do things from a secure personhood and actually doing things from a secure personhood is a life long process and journey that continues to shape me.

The bonus of this program is a the way my relationships with others has improved.  It is effortless yet selfless.  I enjoy my relationships more but remind myself that I am not validated by this relationship nor is this relationship validated by me.  Huge concept that pays huge dividends."

Jeremy Reeves

"The best investment you can make is in yourself and SightShift is the program of choice. Identifying and maintaining a state of security identity is a fundamental step that will change your world and alleviate ancillary issues you’re dealing with in both your personal and professional lives. I can’t recommend SightShift as the program and Chris as your guide enough."

Chris Ritchie

2019 options for coaching with Chris. (Pricing varies with the certified coaches.)

Cycle #1 Feb - Apr

6,500.00 upfront

(preference given to those interested in certification)

Cycle #2 May - July

7,000.00 upfront

(preference given to those interested in certification)

Cycle #3 Sept - Nov

7,500.00 upfront

(preference given to those interested in certification)

2018 options

Cycle #1 Feb - Apr

5,000.00 upfront (preference given to those interested in certification)

Cycle #2 May - July

5,500.00 upfront (preference given to those interested in certification)

Cycle #3 Sept - Nov

6,000.00 upfront (preference given to those interested in certification)

2017 options

Cycle #1 Feb - Apr

4,000.00 upfront

Cycle #2 May - July

4,500.00 upfront

Cycle #3 Sept - Nov

5,000.00 upfront

2016 options

Cycle #1 February - April

2,500.00 upfront

Cycle #2 May - July

3,000.00 upfront

Cycle #3 Sept - Nov

3,500.00 upfront

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