July 15, 2020

This Is Harming Our Children

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the amount of problems in...

Our world?

Your life?

Your work? 

You don’t need me to list them all here. 

The human heart and mind only have so much capacity. In fact, some theorize that our brains only have capacity for the suffering of around 150 or so people.

From an evolutionary standpoint that would have been the most people we could know.

Now we carry the suffering of the world. 

The fatigue from that shuts us down.

And it’s harming our children. 

I wish I could wave a magic wand and take all the corruption out of politics. 

Oh wait, I said I wouldn’t list through all the problems. Back on track...

You can’t solve every problem. There’s an incredible freedom in a laser focus on what you can do. 

What can I do? I create transformational coaching systems to help people grow their wisdom. 

What can I do for all the pain in our world?  Help bring peace to the home.

What can I do that might have the longest 4th order effect? Help parents as they help their children discover wisdom in the midst of all the chaos.

That’s why we’re sharing a new course with you... Figure That Parenting Out.

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