November 23, 2020

The Struggle Makes or Breaks You

Have you seen people breaking down?

Some are splitting up with friends.

Some companies have infighting.

Reality feels like a landscape of cultural landmines ready to render you into pieces with one misstep. Zoom out big enough and you can see the memetic fracturing into many subdivided groups.

There is a way forward.

You can lead into 2021 with more boldness and confidence than you've ever led up to this point.


See what is really going on right now.

There's always an emperor with no clothes on.

There's just rarely someone childlike enough to accept reality and say it out loud.

Reality is like the boxes we construct. It's our way of making sense of the complexity and uncertainty of our existence.

At our last Re>>Charge (our monthly gathering for those who have invested in SightShift content and coaching) I went deeper into this idea. Check out the p.s. for the link and if you have any problems accessing it let me know.

There are many boxes breaking right now. 

It's why people are struggling so much.

If you're committed to one box, one way of viewing the world, and that way of viewing the world isn't making you more resilient I have a suggestion for you.

Break your box before it breaks you.

Whatever box you use to make sense of your world is probably going to change in 2021. My guess is that in 2021 that box will break a little or a lot. Boxes don't last forever.

I don't usually use therapeutic language but will do so now as an attempt to tantalize the horizon of your vision. This moment in human history is so exciting.

How? Reality is surfacing the need for a box or mental upgrade.

There's a general acceptance across many academic fields and disciplines about the reality of trauma.

Circumstances traumatize you and that trauma gets stored in your body.

This is why if you hit a deer while driving and the force of impact doesn't kill or maim the deer then the very smart animal will shake. It's literally shaking the trauma out of its body so it can go on.

Boxes and trauma

If your box doesn't help you heal past trauma and keep challenging circumstances from traumatizing you in new ways then it's time for an upgrade.

Metaphorically speaking and sometimes physically you gotta shake that shit out.

What if you willingly deconstructed your box now to get to the future box that prepares you for whatever might happen?

We want 2021 to be calmer. I get it. It might be. It might not be.

Do you have a plan for 2021? A vision? A definitive picture that supersedes circumstances?

Beginners react.

Pros fight to make a plan happen.

Masters move a vision forward while adapting to circumstances. They bring breakthroughs into reality.

Linear thinking won't produce Copernicus breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs come piece by piece and in leaps. Whether it's the science or your business or your life. *

Copernicus had to leap into another box to make sense of the planets. He couldn't incrementally get to that insight.

LINEAR thinking helps you advance in your current box.

But moving to another box requires a LEAP.

You leap into new boxes.

Utilize that box fully.

Then upgrade to the new box.

(And in between boxes is the scary moment.)

To be a "box leaper" and do it effectively you need 2 skills that are absolutely learnable:

  • an open mind (you can try on new thoughts without committing to them)
  • a center point to come back to (a chosen worldview that withstands your new thoughts or upgrades to support new ideas)

A meta-box that maps onto any box

My center point that I come back to is a worldview that I literally have tattooed on my chest.

And anyone reading this who thinks they know the full depths of what I mean you don't. I don't mean that harshly. No one can know the full depths.

Your internal world is endlessly explorable and has every resource you need to:

  1. face your current challenges head-on
  2. re-invent in the face of those challenges
  3. create a new reality that didn't exist before (leadership after all is taking people to a destination that they had not imagined...or they would have gone there)

Enjoy your box but break it when you need to.

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