April 23, 2021

Stay Encouraged By Focusing On These 4 Things

I get this question all the time (or some form of it): How do I stay encouraged? 

Here are the four things we need to look at...


This includes supplementation, exercise, and rest. I have paid attention to my body and learned what supplements help me a lot. 

I've also worked with doctors at different points so that I could figure out with even more precision and accuracy, what supplements make the biggest difference. I’m currently on some protocols and peptides that I’m seeing amazing results with. I also have a family member who’s been helped greatly. Both of these are with Dr. Melissa McRae. Let me know if you’re interested in working with her.

Pay attention to your sleep as well. Figure out what works for you. For me that’s staying cool, tea before bedtime, and a sleep supplement. 

Exercising consistently is really important. What this looks like will evolve for you through the various stages of life. Know that and experiment with what works for you at this point in time. And if you lose your way, that’s ok. Find a system and start again. (I had to do this myself recently!)

Why is this important? I know that the physical is the baseline of me feeling great. 


Consider your circumstances and your processing.

The circumstances you go through have an emotional weight that they put on you and we all have different capacities for that. Some of you don’t express enough, while others express a ton. 

This can even show up in physical ways (for example, men tend to have lower back issues because of stuck emotions).

When it comes to processing, consider WHO you are and WHERE you are. There’s a dynamic fluidity to the experience of our identity and that spills over into how we make sense of our world and what we’re doing. 


I am constantly paying attention to how to separate myself from my experience so that I can be mindful, and then I can re-engage the experience in order to upgrade my mindset. (By the way, I talked on just this one idea over on the podcast earlier this year.)

We call this AWARE > LEAN IN > FLIP >FLOW when we teach it through SightShift. 

The Aware and Lean In components are where you’re separating from the experience and observing. The Flip/Flow piece is where you engage the experience. 

You need both and often people, without realizing it, neglect one side of this. 

Mentally, there is no problem that somebody could bring me or any of our coaches in a chat that we wouldn’t be able to navigate through identifying a way for them to be mindful with it and to upgrade their mindset with it. 

It's a both-and approach. And this is where you really start to train your brain. 


How do you make meaning out of what you are doing? 

People don't burn out because they're extremely burdened. This has been shown in the research. 

They burn out because what they're doing doesn't make sense anymore. They can't connect it to the bigger picture. They're not able to make meaning.

But if your physical is dialed in, your emotional is dialed in, and your mental is dialed in, then spiritually you’re able to make meaning out of what you’re doing. 

You can then keep yourself consistently encouraged and motivated. 

Nobody else is responsible for these 4. You have to do this for yourself.

Through these four elements and associated practices, I'm able to show up at my best. 

There is such an amazing world for you to discover. Get addicted to feeling great and keep getting better.

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