January 13, 2021

Seeing Different, Seeing Truth (Part 1)

The ability to discern or see what is really going on is one of the most valuable skills for every part of your life.

Effective action builds on top of seeing accurately.

The ability to see what is going on is a skill that, in my experience, keeps expanding so much that I haven't exhausted the application of it.

When you can look at a situation with fresh eyes, you master the distinction between times when you should change your mind and times when you need to stick to your viewpoint.

There's a time for both.

You're stuck in some places right now where you need to change your mind, get on with new thinking, and start reaping new results.

But also...

You've not yet persevered in some places in which you'd reap the compounding results if you stay the course

When to change, when to quit, or when to persevere all hinge on how you're seeing what you're looking at.

Helping you navigate 2021 is going to shape my writing to you for as long as it takes to help you nail the distinction.

Seeing with fresh eyes delivers impact, professionally and personally.

>> Professionally, you get massive breakthroughs.

Whenever I feel stuck with a problem or I am not getting the result I want, I try and see what I'm looking at from a fresh angle. Or I try and see it for the first time.

There are lots of ways I can get at this. One of the ways I do it is by asking myself: "If someone gave me this __________ (business, team, calendar, etc) what would I change?"

You can make the necessary bold decisions. As Alan Watts reminds us, you have no obligation to be who you were 5 minutes ago.

>> Personally, you feel a saturation of love.

I'm not afraid to talk about love. Chapter 11 of Figure That Shift Out uses the word love, or some variation of it, over 20 times while talking about those you are in a relationship with, including those you work with.

I vividly remember an experience I had for the first time almost seven years ago. I've written about it in 1 of my books but since then I've also learned to cultivate it.

One of my daughters had asked me a question and I had the most wonderful sensation of feeling like I was seeing her for the first time. In all her changes day-by-day. sometimes you miss they are the same but also a different person.

I actually get chills, goosebumps, or whatever word you have for that moment when your full attention is directed towards a moment of joy and all your concerns fade away. These moments don't just have to happen personally by the way!

There are these moments I have almost every day and sometimes multiple times in a day. Keeping it real: there are also moments of challenge, pain, and frustration. These make up the yin and yang of growth.

But seeing with fresh eyes can make everything else pale in comparison to their 5-d experience of color, sensation, and that sense of awe that leaves me with an emotion of "thank-you-that-I-get-to-feel-this-right-now".

Can you see yourself, your business, your leadership, and your loved ones for the first time?

2021 depends on your fresh perspective.

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