May 13, 2020

Figuring Out What’s Now and What’s Next

The greatest secrets lie within.

Every place you feel afraid, every decision you’re agonizing over, and every uncertainty that wakes you up in the middle of the night is a gift.

This isn’t hype. This isn’t self-help grossness that glosses over reality.

I wish I had so much more time to break this down for you (doing a lot of video recording this to come soon!).

There are people who pressure you and say you’re suffering because you’re attached. “Be detached” they say!

Well guess what? They are attached to being detached. They seek to prove their enlightenment.

Some people get more aggressive. They might say, “All the parts of you that want the wrong things, well, just starve that part of you.”

Or "If you want the right things for the wrong reasons then just starve those parts of you.”

Insert the good-wolf / bad-wolf parable that has been distorted to imply more discipline will change you. More discipline doesn’t change you if it’s not aligned with desire. These people hide from their truth.

Actually, the path of transformation is a circle.

1. You hear the hungry cry of the “‘bad wolf”.

2. You see the deeper desire beyond the things you call “bad”.

3. You feel the “bad wolf” being fed good food.

4. You enjoy the change within and harnessing the fullness of who you are.

You have two healthy wolves where most people have one over fed and one that is emaciated.

You’re more creative. You’re more powerful. You’re more insightful. You’re more energetic. You stand in the electric middle of both wolves.

Then you do it again. And again.

The fun is in recognizing that every moment of fear and insecurity is for your growth. There's no reason to beat up on your ego ever again. Instead, you can grow and mature it.

I love teaching people how to do that. Everything else changes afterward.

You see so clearly within that you figure out what’s now and what’s next even when the news is really scary.

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