March 5, 2020

Don't Fight Your Ego

When people are trying to figure out how to lead at their best and show up as their best selves in the world, a popular topic gets brought up: getting beyond your ego.

But what most people don’t realize is that it’s not your ego that you’re battling, it’s your insecurity.

Someone who’s leading at their best, who’s showing up as their best self and who’s in a state of flow understands that who they are is the individual and how they are connected.

We need to ask ourselves, “What’s the insecure drive here? What’s needed here and how can I access that within myself?”

It’s not about the fight with your insecure identity or with your ego.

The best leaders aren’t worried about what others think of them.

They show up ready to lead because they were able to identify what needs to be given that will make their ego whole. Not only do they not need the opinions of others, they're overflowing with their best self and ready to share with others!

We need to relax and take a step back to reflect. This is what a great leader does. They don’t fight, they grow.

So, if you find yourself gritting your teeth, ready to go into battle…you’re doing it wrong!

Do yourself a favor and relax into it; you’ll move into your best leadership.


Over the next several posts, I want to highlight some of our amazing Certified Coaches here at SightShift. Today, I'm introducing you to David Sherry.


David Sherry is the Founder of Death to Stock, a subscription service and platform that provides refreshing visuals to over 500,000 subscribers around the globe. He met Chris early in his career and was transformed by SightShift right at the most important stage of building his business.

He continues to go as deep as he can working with mentors and programs from all over, dedicating his time to reading and exploring how people can help realize the vision they have for the life they want to lead in work and relationships.

We interviewed David and here's what he had to say about his work through SightShift:

1. Why do you enjoy coaching people through SightShift?

I find that every single meeting we discuss something that is so deep and important but has to date been covered up. It feels like the only space for founders and creators to discuss important aspects of their work and lives with someone who can understand, listen and reflect back what's most important in the moment.

2. How do the ideas and practices continue to impact you?

Every year I feel like my foundation grows stronger. I'm less stressed than ever and I continue to find life more engaging, fascinating and fun!

3. What do you hope to accomplish by guiding people through SightShift?

I hope to truly help people build a rock solid foundation in their relationship with themselves, which lets them give more, lead themselves in every area of their life, and learn to relax and enjoy the present moment more. Many founders have so much growth but they burn out or can't enjoy the process, and I hope to help people expand their business and opportunities with less stress and more play.

Are you ready to work with coaches like David to make 2020 your best year yet? Click here to apply to work 1-on-1 with us.


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