July 12, 2021

Do You Need More Energy?

It's big losses. It's big wins too. And it's the moments where you hold the attention of the room and catalyze them towards a vision.

To the onlooker of your life, adrenaline is a hidden friend and an obvious enemy.

I've watched it fuel leaders to greatness when they harness adrenaline with awareness. And I've watched it take down accomplished, talented, and thoughtful leaders because the adrenal glands swept them away with hype.

It was a massive lightbulb moment for me when I realized 13 years ago that I spent the entire previous decade (my 20's) going from a burst of adrenaline to burst of adrenaline. Then I hit a period of about a year and a half with no surge in the veins. I still remember exactly where I was and what happened when that sweet fuel baptized me again.

It was a revelation. Biology causes most to misunderstand adrenaline. It's not just a stress response to a threat. For top-tier leaders, it's the stress they eat for breakfast. They turn the threat into opportunity. The adrenaline is fuel.

Your life will be pretty amazing if you see a mountain range of vision way out in front of you and march towards it everyday.

Your life will be iconic if you march towards that mountain range harnessing adrenaline in the spring and summer seasons of your life. Not the literal seasons. The seasons where you seize the clarity of your winter and add a spring intensity as you march forth.

Most leaders right now are feeling the effects of the wartime leadership they had to step into the hell year that 2020 was for so many. Now they will feel deep fatigue and need to rest. It's a limbo moment.

The threat of Covid to our business and the lives of those I care for activated me. I made sure to practice the daily rhythm of both setting it all down to purge the adrenaline rush AND harness the adrenaline to advance. Even with that intentionality, I felt a fatigue that required some retooling.

It's OK if you feel it too. Everyone does!

Adjusting to peacetime leadership will be necessary for long-term effectiveness. But we need to learn to lead with a peacetime and wartime mentality every day.

Take a breath. Feel the wind. Wiggle your toes. Watch the grass grow. Develop brain habits to actively set all your concerns down and passively receive insights from your intuition.

Stoke the fire of your vision. Make meaning for yourself in such a way that you can't help but advance. Draw the meaning up deep from your bones. Direct the energy towards your steps.

It's peacetime and wartime every day. Adrenaline and Peace. Activation and Rest.

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