August 20, 2020

Catching Confetti was the #1 New Release in Sports Coaching on Amazon!

In case you missed it, our newest book recently went live on Amazon and we launched the corresponding online video course, Catching Confetti: Developing the Mindset of a Champion.

The book was in the #1 new releases in Sports Coaching! Thank you to everyone who has ordered their copy so far!!

In the book - and the course - we teach the 7 essential mindsets of world-class performance and offer simple, transformational exercises for you to develop them in yourself. 

Developing these mindsets is the pathway to

>>Reframe every moment to endure all circumstances

>>Relax under pressure and perform your best when the stakes are highest

>>Focus in the midst of chaos and recover on the fly

>>Stir up endless motivation and stay disciplined to the vision

>>Build a team you enjoy and thrive in

You already invest so much time, money, and energy into developing your skills, strategies, and physical abilities. But how do you make all that hard work pay off when it matters most?

The secret is in your mindset:


The ability to keep going regardless of the circumstances. The ability to separate who you are from your results. When your identity is not determined by your performance you can hold up under the pressure.


Not chillin’ on your couch relaxed but relaxed internally. A non-anxious presence. Nothing to prove, nothing to hide. Bringing your authentic self to the competition with confidence and humility.


The ability to flip obstacles into opportunities and to create advantages out of your disadvantages. An understanding that you are a work in progress, not a finished product. The Victor loves to grow, even more than winning.


The ability to find a reason to keep showing up and keep moving forward regardless of your current status. Imagining a vision of what this moment could be like to entice motivation and energy. 


The ability to quiet your mind even in the midst of chaos and fully engage the present moment. Heightened awareness and un-distracted presence. A game-changing superpower that few people actively develop.


The love of the process, the practice, the skill building. Disciplined to a routine that keeps you prepared even through moments of discouragement. Learning to harness experiences to position yourself for peak experiences on demand.


The ability to be the most emotionally aware person on the team. The magic to connect with each individual on a root level that plays to their desires, calms their fears, and inspires their dreams.

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