November 26, 2020

1 Simple Practice That Matters More Than Ever

Gratitude means more to me than ever right now.

I remember when I first started actively developing my ability to be grateful.

Weird enough, it was in college. I had no idea how caffeine, sugar, and who knows what else affected my sleep. So when I found myself laying there with no loss of waking consciousness, I started experimenting.

I would lay there and practice feeling grateful for whatever I could think of.

I actually remember laying there and thinking, "I'm so grateful for toothpaste." Must have been the onion rings?

Maybe I'll feel this way every year, especially after this year, but I feel more appreciation for the simple life and simple gratitude than ever.

I'm in an interesting moment. I paradoxically have the most ambitious vision for myself and my partners and how we can impact the world.

I also appreciate the simple joy of sitting outside, firing up the grill, and singing loudly to music. My neighbors don't always appreciate the latter.

Until you can sit down and look at a piece of grass and find a still calmness within, please know that the age of outrage is hijacking your brain.

And one of the simplest actions you can take today (or any day) is to know who you are apart from all your ideas, emotions, roles, achievements, setbacks, and even your future hopes and dreams.

All of those are important.

But take ONE moment today.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

And find the silliest and smallest thing you can meditate on and be grateful for. It's a step toward a different path.

I’m grateful for you.

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