Interested in the certification process? 

We want you to teach SightShift. And we love hearing stories about folks living out #12 "Teach What You Know" from Figure That Shift Out. Teaching SightShift to others is for everyone. We encourage the use of the Certification course as training for mentoring others. Certification is more than teaching SightShift.

Official certification is a deeper level of commitment for 2 for groups of people:

  1. Those that want to bring SightShift to their organization in an official way and get all the support necessary to help others at the best of their abilities.

  2. Those who want to take others through the 12 week coaching of Figure That Shift Out while taking payment and/or advertise they are doing so.

Here's how the process works:

SightShift Certification requires you to:

1. Complete the FTSO 12 weeks with a certified coach.
(Or the 2 day intensive that is offered by Chris.)

2. Apply below for certification and get accepted.

3. Coach a participant through the FTSO 12 weeks.

During the 12 weeks the person completing certification:

- They must complete the FTSO Certification course week by week while the coach meets with the participant.
- They must use the checklist guide to ensure each meeting is as impactful as possible.
- Optionally they can complete the FTSO course in thesightshiftacademy.com moving week by week with the participant as a refresher on the content. 
(After coaching the 1st participant through the 12 weeks all the above for step 3 become optional for the certified coach as they coach future participants.)

During the 12 weeks the person being coached:

- Must work through the FTSO book.
- Optionally they can complete the FTSO course in thesightshiftacademy.com moving week by week with the coach.

4. Each year the certified coach must complete their continuing education to keep their certified status and be on the referral network.


SightShift reserves the right to revoke certification if a violation of the certification contract occurs. (You'll receive the contract once your application is approved.)

When complete the online referral network will include a listing of certified coaches. Each certified coach will be supplied a video of Chris endorsing the certified coach.

Guiding benchmarks:

  • The vision is clear. The mission going forward for SightShift is to develop and resource 40,000 certified leaders.

  • The process is critical. The conviction is that the certification needs to be structured for high caliber individuals to ensure a consistent level of quality.

  • The standard is high. The hope is that each individual certified coach provides a better experience than if Chris was meeting with the participant.

  • This is built for growth oriented people to not move lock step with the content but advance the idea of identity > mission > community. The certified coach has freedom. You are required to use the key words of identity, mission, community and proving/hiding. Beyond that think of the content as a centripetal force. The SightShift content forms the center. The certified coach is free to advance ideas and integrate their learnings from other fields.

  • Certified coaches are not equipped through SightShift for mental health work or guidance. We are not counselors or mental health agents. SightShift coaching is to help functioning people thrive at the highest level possible.

Matt V testimonial headshot.png
SightShift was a life changing experience for me. It kicked off several years of personal and professional growth that I could not have predicted going into the program.

Before beginning SightShift, I told Chris that I would evaluate the program based on how much impact it had a year later. It dramatically outperformed my expectations both during the three months that I spent working with Chris and through the long tail. I now make higher quality decisions, have more clarity about what I want, have improved my ability to manage conflict, and better serve as a leader or friend for those around me.

I doubled down on the program and became a SightShift coach to bring this impactful program to my team at work. Serving my team as a coach has helped us build better communication habits, better manage conflict, and make higher quality decisions in general. It’s also been incredibly satisfying, knowing that I’ve helped create an atmosphere where some of the team will look back at as the most impactful step they’ve made in their career.
— Matt Veryser, Head of Product, SafeChain (SafeChain.io)

Finer points:

  • The fee for certification is currently $5,000 for a total of 12 meetings in addition to the 12 covered in the coaching process.

  • Your payment for Certification will grant you access to the academy for 1 year.

  • While this process only has to be completed once you must renew your certification each year through training and a fee. The training will include quarterly online calls and the option for an in person annual gathering. Chris is shifting his focus to help the certified trainers be at their best.

  • The people you coach will need to at least work through the Figure That Shift Out book from Amazon. If you want their education supplemented from the video course of Figure That Shift Out they'll need to to purchase a membership to the The SightShift Leadership Academy. You can pay for the book and/or the academy for them depending on how you've structured the agreement. You'll be given unique to you codes tracking your affiliate commissions for academy sales.

  • For the first person you take through the 12 weeks you can charge them.

  • If you charge for coaching services and they are referred to you through the online SightShift referral network then 20% of what you charge for the coaching is payable to SightShift.

  • If you charge for the Figure That Shift Out coaching separately from any other product/service offer then you are free to charge whatever you want no lower than $1,000.00. If you are bundling the coaching with some other product/service you provide this does not apply. If you sell the coaching to others think about pricing in relationship the cost of a semester long course at a university with 2 exceptions. 1. This course will change your life. 2. You'll get 12 one-to-one meetings with the professor.

  • If a certified coach is performing exceptionally then referral fees and certification fees are negotiable.

  • To become a certified coach who can certify others or divisional leader (example: SightShift Athletes) is currently an invite only process.


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