Be in the now

You never know the last time your kids are going to ask you for something - treasure what you have now and live every moment to the fullest. There is no better time than the present to start the hard work of knowing and owning your own life.

Comfortable with vulnerability

As coaches and guides we value helping people get zoned in on their awareness of themselves and being comfortable with vulnerability. We hold each other accountable in this practice as well.

Relief through honesty

Honesty can relieve someone from the pressure they feel internally. That pressure is usually imagined and coming from external forces - being honest with yourself and others is a key value for growth. But honesty is also accepting what you can and cannot share - understanding what will be helpful or harmful not only to yourself but to others.

Sharing and serving

From the first moment we position ourselves as guides - we don’t sell SightShift or push it upon anyone. We share our experiences, experiences of others, and allow those with the intrigue to take the first step towards growth.

Guiding from paradox

We lead people to discover the world as they are meant to see it, not forcing someone to see it the way we do. We guide narrow roads. We know the lay of the land. We are there through the journey. Then we teach them how to navigate alone. We know from experience that wisdom is best lived out in the “electric middle”. When you seek a false certainty we help you recognize the mysterious paradox.