August 27, 2020

What is Blocking Your Progress?

There’s one thing we can all agree on: Being stuck sucks.


Whether you don’t know what you should do to move the needle forward in your leadership or business, or you can’t bring yourself to take that step, being stuck is exhausting, disempowering and it’s hindering your progress and growth.


Maybe your relationships are hurting too, your family misses you physically, mentally, and/or emotionally.


And the annoying question comes back to you all the time: “What do I do to fix this?


(I know this because I’ve not only been there myself but have seen hundreds of clients step through those challenges.)


Whatever being stuck means to you right now, one thing's for sure: 

It's only the tip of an iceberg.


It's a symptom that you’ve reached a point when you need to stop. 


And take a long, deep dive under the surface to discover:


  • WHY you’re spinning your wheels, 
  • WHAT mindset glitches are blocking your progress, and 
  • HOW to stop them from getting in your way


Because only when you shift what you SEE, does what you DO shift too!


If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I live for this… to help you create life-changing shifts. 


We are drowning in information in today’s world. 


And we’re starving for wise guidance. 


I want to provide you with a ONE stop shop for personal transformation and leadership so that you can have that wise guidance. 


Because it doesn’t need to be complicated. 


You don’t need 50 different courses from 50 different gurus. And, you’re not going to “will” your way to transformation.


You need a simple, go-to system. 


And, maybe even more importantly, you need a community. A group of people who are there for you and help you keep moving forward. 


Transformation doesn’t happen overnight and there’s no magic pill. And coming together with others is the surefire way to jump the hurdles that life throws our way. 


To be honest with you, this was something that’s been missing from SightShift. 


Good or bad, what defines communities is the collective behavior they normalize. 

The quickest way to reinforce changes in your life is to join a community that lives the new behavior you seek. Their normal is your future. 


As we’ve been evolving, and as I’ve been paying close attention to the challenges our community faces, I’ve realized that this is paramount. That’s why we’re now offering all of our students and clients a free monthly hangout, where we not only provide additional training but they’ll also be able to connect with a small group of other students walking the same growth path.


What’s the “normal” behavior of the SightShift community?

We train our minds to be at it’s best.

We seek out world-class wisdom.

We build the life we want free of the “shoulds” and “should nots”.


You become like the people you choose to be around.


So, here are the three levels of support SightShift now provides you with:

SightShift community entry points.png

The community component is called SightShift Re>>Charge, because I want you to access monthly reinforcements.


Imagine if you could get a world class mindset re-charge every month? 


  1. You could close the gap on what you don't know that's holding you back.
  2. You could sharpen any edges that have become dull from the previous month. 
  3. You could start each month with a renewed focus, vision, and purpose. 


Want into the SightShift community? 


Here are the 3 paths you can take to enter our community right now:


  1. Register for the next free live masterclass about growth: 3 Mega Skills Society Doesn’t Teach You Anymore
  2. Register for the next free live masterclass about parenting: The 4 Simple, Wise Actions of a Healthy Family Culture
  3. Book me to develop your team with our new, virtual Fall 2020 growth package. (Spots are very limited.)


Click the link above for the path that most resonates with you. Take the first step.

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