May 15, 2020

The Conversation Around The Fire Pit

I love sitting around the fire.

There are ancient, mysterious, and comforting emotions about it. I also enjoy s’mores like your favorite introverted family member is loving puzzles right now.

We’ve got a lot of genes in our body that know when we are sitting around the fire. Those genes know we are CONNECTED to something within and without. Something internal and external that feels symbiotic and aligned. It’s the yin/yang of the me and the we.


If you and I were to sit around the fire right now I have 1 question I would really like to ask you: Click here to take my quick, 1-question poll.


I’d also like to make sure you’re making the most of this moment.

It’s really easy for our brains to kick into reactive mode. And when you’re being reactive you’re not advancing Vision.

I remember reading a quote years ago: “Hell is meeting the person you could have become.”

Who might you become?

If you stopped hesitating? If you stopped making false moves? If you stopped reacting? If you started considering in all the craziness, “Has the last few years had me on a trajectory I want?”

“Do I like who I’m becoming?”

“Am I developing and activating a vision of where I want go?”

None of these questions are easy, even in the easiest of times. It’s even more difficult to move against the pull of the overload of the pain and crisis of this moment. I know this moment is emotionally taxing. And self care is important.

But if you make the self-care the finish line you’ll never experience all the transformation this moment could bring you.

Suffering reveals the flabbiness of my mindset. And yours.

Mind if I stir things up for a moment?

You have no obligation to be who you were 3 months ago or 3 minutes ago. Rarely will you find a moment such as this one, which lets you re-imagine EVERYTHING.

All vision ends where your imagination ends. If you can’t imagine it being different, it won’t be different.

I want to meet that version of me and for him to say, “You took it further than I could have imagined.”

I’m making changes. There’s no moment like now as the world grapples with this crisis. And I hope you join me in reimagining.

How can I help you reimagine?

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