January 29, 2020

My Secret Program (Free Resources)


““Since working with Chris, I have seen marked improvement in my presentation effectiveness and feel more confident delivering my message. Using Chris’ framework, I learned techniques for quickly establishing a connection with my audience, offering my unique insights, and sharing how we will take action. This story telling approach makes me feel comfortable and authentic and allows me to show empathy and connect with my audience, while demonstrating the business value of the subject at hand.””

— John Carter President and COO, Nationwide Financial

I’ve got a secret program that I haven’t shared publicly in a couple years.

Before I tell you about it (and give you 2 free resources) let me tell you what I believe…

1. I believe that no matter what is happening with technology and big changes in society, there will always be 1 skill that is superior to all other skills. Always. That skill is to be an effective storyteller. Effective storytellers move rooms, motivate hearts, and manifest movements.

2. I believe that storytelling is a learnable skill. I know this because I’ve taught it for years. I haven’t publicized it but we have a program where we do the work with you to accomplish 3 pieces: discover your key message, develop your key message into a presentation, deliver your key message as a high-impact talk. What people learn in that journey takes them to their highest level of communicating.

I’ve usually only taught this content to CEOs/Founders/Owners after they've gone through our coaching.

BUT...Dark spots only happen in human history when the most effective storyteller isn’t working for the good of humanity.

So just sharing some love to help you up your storytelling ability.

How badly do you want to develop your storytelling ability?

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