July 9, 2020

Good Enough Will Get You Started But Then You Need Quality

I got lazy with the quality of my online videos.

As a result, I wasn't posting more videos to YouTube.

That was dumb because it kept me blocked from helping more people with SightShift.


Quality matters.

Quality signals credibility.


But how do you develop your eye or a taste for quality?


When I was in high school I ate chicken nuggets with fries. Quality was different dipping sauces.

When I got married Bran introduced me to goat cheese and all the flavahs. Now dinner is a highlight of the day! It's like I'm living a different life when it comes to all the different flavors I now crave and enjoy.


It didn't happen overnight. It's been years of tasting, experimenting, and noticing.


When it comes to making videos I've only been eating chicken nuggets and I’ve been doing it without dipping sauces!


In our world today presenting with quality lighting, video, and audio will become more and more of a credibility signal. And while our online courses have always had a very high production value I was still recording videos and doing meetings with my iPad!! Chicken nuggets!


So I bought some new fancy gear. The lights, the audio, and nice camera. I was so proud! After all I have conferences to speak at and places to be...virtually of course.

And by gear, I mean GEAR. A legit lightbox that takes up 207% of the surface area of my office. A camera that has more options on it than asking my 3 daughters what they’d like for dinner.

A microphone that picks up all the noise every time the HVAC cuts on just like when an extended family member hears me open the liquor cabinet.


All that gear means quality! But I noticed something after my first 20 videos.


At first the audio sounded so good. Then I noticed I needed more of a broadcast mix like my podcast. And I had to learn about VST plugins.


At first, the HD was so sharp. Then I noticed the need for some coloring. And I had to learn about LUTs.


At first the lighting was bright and clear. Then I had to learn about kelvins.


I've been ready to upload but then I make it better.

For many of you reading this, just make the damn thing. Don't let perfect hold you back.

For some of you reading this, stop being lazy. See what you're doing for the first time. Fresh eyes. Fresh ears.


My eye for quality has increased. I'm still an amateur but I notice so so so much more.

I can hear the need for a broadcast mix. I can see the need for the coloring. I can notice the endless possibilities to create emotion with the lighting.


I don't aim to be world-class in this field. I still pay for video editing but the lessons apply:


1. Quality signals credibility. Where are you tolerating chicken nuggets when there's a world of spices?


2. Quality thrills because it evolves. Quality isn't boring. Quality zooms in but never pixelates. The more you notice then the more you'll notice. The world-class in any field notice wayyyyyy more than anyone else. It's fun getting better.


Whether it's grilling a burger or tasting a bourbon I have fun learning when it helps me complete a goal. My top goal: helping leaders stop spinning their wheels and start unleashing their full potential.


I can guide you to mastery faster than you thought possible.


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