March 3, 2020

Don't Waste Your Time

I want to help set you up for success.

Here’s the one thing that’ll make a huge difference to how things play out over the next few days…

Let “A” tasks crowd out the unnecessary stuff.

What do you do that makes the most money?

Those are your “A” tasks.

Build them into your calendar and make sure they have priority over everything else.

What can you cut out of your work week? Or where can you shrink the time allotted?


Over the next several posts, I want to highlight some of our amazing Certified Coaches here at SightShift. Today, I'm introducing you to Mike Clouse.


Mike has a wealth of experience in serving and supporting individuals in obtaining the clarity, direction and courage they need to make confident decisions. At the outset of his career, Mike worked for more than 13 years in higher education serving in various administrative and advisory roles. Within these roles Mike utilized and built upon his personal strengths of training, advising, mentoring and leadership. As rewarding as this was, Mike was unsettled and felt there was more to his vocation and calling.

In July of 2010, Mike took a contract role that landed him on the corporate side of a fast-growing direct sales organization. This organization was an amazing community of people with great purpose and an inspiring mission to serve individuals by empowering them to dream bigger, set and reach big goals, work from their strengths and make a difference in their lives and the lives of their family and community. It was here that he discovered his path to purpose and impact in leadership development and executive coaching.

Today, Mike knows that his purpose is to support and guide professionals and entrepreneurs in becoming more secure, self-aware leaders of self and others. Empowering individuals to make better decisions, focus their life and mission, overcome fears and insecurities and accelerate their growth and success as they define it.

We interviewed Mike recently, and here's what he had to say about his work through SightShift:

Why do I enjoy coaching people through SightShift?

Coaching people through SightShift is amazing and rewarding for so many reasons. The first and biggest is that it isn't a program geared toward a solution or single outcome. It is a framework for lifelong learning, growth, leadership development and successfully navigating the highs and lows of life. You are building your own road map, rather than trying to make someone else's map work for you. Truly life-changing.

How do the ideas and practices continue to impact you?

The ideas and practices within SightShift continue to impact me because it's not about answers or a's about asking better questions and the journey. This turns every experience throughout each and every day into an opportunity to learn more about yourself, others around you, and how to continue to develop into a stronger, more secure version of yourself. To constantly be learning to lead yourself more effectively, and therefore lead others more effectively.

What do you hope to accomplish by guiding people through SightShift?

As a leadership development and executive coach my hope is to serve, support, equip and empower individuals in filtering out the noise and hype that gets in the way of knowing who they are, what they really want, and how they can have the biggest positive impact on their world and those in it. As I support others in doing this, I can't help but grow right along with them and continue to have the same impact.

Are you ready to work with coaches like Mike to make 2020 your best year yet? Click here to apply to work 1-on-1 with us.


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