May 29, 2020

Develop A Mindset For Mastery

Your imagination for how far you can take your impact is the false ceiling I want to help you break through.

There's more.

Not everyone wants to find out how far they can:

  • maximize their impact
  • enjoy the richness of life
  • renew from quality relationships
  • fascinate themselves with the power of their imagination

I've been thinking about this as basketball the last few weeks.

Two reasons this analogy came about for me...

First, we have a MAJOR announcement coming soon from SightShift Athletes. Dang it I want to share it all right now. Second, there is a lot of interest again in Michael Jordan based on the ESPN documentary. He is larger than life. He is the meme king again and again.

On the basketball court of life there are 3 players. (Don't miss that this isn't about basketball but about your leadership and relationships):


  • Their amygdala is ready for fight, flight, freeze, or flop
  • They move from trigger to exhaustion, stress to survival, and pain to blame on endless cycles
  • They move based on the movement of other players

They can not move to the next level until they accept full responsibility that no one is going to come rescue them.


  • They have a vision formed in the construct of the game as they know it
  • They have moments of clarity in the game and a few moments of reactivity
  • They move based on the movements happening around them trying to be one step ahead

They can not move to the next level until they stop focusing on being one step ahead and they see the whole game.


  • They aren't focusing on the current move or the next step
  • They are directing the momentum and energy of the game
  • They have maxed out the current ability of their potential and upgrade their mindset
  • They expand again and again by going to the edge of their abilities

Do you move based on the movement of other players?

Do you advance vision in a forward-backward motion of progress and stuckness?

OR Do you transcend and see time slow down so that you can step into the future and wait for it to arrive to you?

Time isn't linear. Neither is learning.

Most are reactive players.

There are lots of ways you can become a proactive player. That's pro level.

The path to mastery is different. It's subtlety. It's nuance. It's transcending the game.

I love guiding people into mastery. That's why I started Growth Multiplier with my friend James. It's dedicated to help leaders develop a mindset for mastery. The growth multiplier mindset is for those with serious leadership responsibility.

You will guide your organizations to greatness.

Join us for the free webinar series, starting this week! Register HERE.

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