June 29, 2020

Burnout isn’t what you think it is

Burnout is real.

Fatigue will hinder you.

Self-care is the starting point NOT the endpoint.

If you took care of yourself but didn't upgrade your mindset then you missed the learning.

This is why burnout happens, and most will skim and miss how huge this is.

And here's the thing: Burnout isn’t what you think it is. 

“Research shows that the single biggest cause of work burnout is not work overload, but working too long without experiencing your own personal development.”

- Robert Kegan (adult development specialist and prof from Harvard)

Burnout is ultimately a struggle of identity. 

Here's one compelling story of burnout, by Tim Ferris, author of The 4 Hour Workweek. 

The key line in there: "My identity was gone"

Another way of saying this: You "lose your identity".

And by identity, I don't mean the parts of you (race, gender, sexuality...the parts), I mean IDENTITY (who you are that is more than every marker you could use...the whole).

Appreciate me, please?

According to a new Randstad survey of 2,000 US workers, 40% are so burned out they want to quit. A lack of growth & overloaded schedules are 2 reasons, but 4-in-10 say it's because their boss fails to appreciate their work.

Most would read this and think “the boss should show appreciation more”.

True. But this is victim-based thinking. It's better to show up to work with a mindset that can enjoy validation but not need it. That's the superior mindset.

This gets us beyond the banal, "My boss should appreciate me more."

Bottom line:

  • The root of burnout: Not being able to gain personal meaning from the work you’re doing.
  • The fruit of burnout: Inappropriate boundary setting.

How do you know you're on the path to burnout?

When you start aggressively seeking validation.

The reason the fight will wear you out is that you'll never be validated enough to fix that hole in you that wants to be known. We want to be seen, heard, and felt. Until we become our own resource for that we lead insecure. Burnout results.

Our Certified Coaches can help guide you through to recovery on the other side.

Here's a note from one of those coaches: 

"Many founders have so much growth but they burn out or can't enjoy the process, and I hope to help people expand their business and opportunities with less stress and more play." - David Sherry, SightShift Certified Coach

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