October 26, 2019

Unblock Your Brilliance

One night, years ago, I was jolted out of a sleep. My heart was racing. My wife was punching (maybe tapping) my leg.

“Did you hear that? Someone’s downstairs!”

I heard some thuds. I told her it was probably our youngest doing gymnastics in her room...at 12am.

I didn’t have to wonder what our youngest was passionate about. I didn’t have to question what she loved. At that point in time, it was clear that she felt alive and full of joy when she was bending, twisting, and flipping.

Have you read The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle?

It's about how talent is grown.


And here’s the reality about finding what lights our eyes up: a few micro tweaks and changes would unblock what is latent within us. Let’s not aim for anything less than world class growth.

In the book, the author mentions that he gets asked about how to figure out your kids’ passions. He says if you have to ask then it isn’t their passion. I wish it were that easy with adults. Pain and numbing out cover up much of who we are.

The author says you need 3 key ingredients to grow your greatness:

1. Deep practice

2. Ignition

3. World class coaching

And here are those 3 in my words...

Deep practice:

This is where you learn to practice making micro adjustments for huge gains. You can perfect a granny shot in basketball with 10,000 hours of practice, but you won’t be a good basketball player. You’re practicing wrong. Most have no idea how their everyday-small-movements shape the responses they’re getting.


Underneath all the pain, setbacks, challenges, and disappointments there's an inner gymnast waiting to be released. (Tight leotards...yay or ewww?) The brilliance just needs to be unblocked. Learn how to frame who you are in every moment. Then you won't miss the CONSTANT energy that life is ready to give you. You need the energy to pursue deep practice.

World class coaching:

You need someone to help you recognize the micro movements to make sure your practice is effective. You need someone to help you capture the ignition that is always around you, even in the darkest of moments. And you most definitely need someone to help you get to the edge of your abilities when things are going great. If you don't get to the edge you'll slide into the laziness of good.

In those days, a few years ago, I would know that when I’d go home, one thing would happen for sure: my daughter would show me that day’s growth. A new move. It would probably look the same as yesterday’s move. But she’s able to nail a twist or flip with greater accuracy. She knows it. It’s how she was ready to jump up 2 classes at her gym. I am keeping her exposed to world class coaching to harness her ignition and maximize her deep practice.

At different points I’ve paid psychologists, counselors, skilled practitioners, and coaches to help me break through barriers. I don’t want to waste my time practicing incorrectly and missing moments of ignition.

Whose help can you ask for today to guide you in getting to the edge of your abilities (or to stay there)?

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