June 5, 2020

5 Mistakes I've Been Making

As you read this, please consider that this is more personal. You don't want to copy my approach or changes. Allow my words to surface your own awareness.

I'm happy and fulfilled. I'm also challenged.

The human capacity for growth is amazing when you consider you can exist in many states at once.

I've taken the change of my schedule during the recent crisis as an opportunity to reflect.

I can see 5 mistakes. I'm replacing them with 5 changes. (You don't stop mistakes or end them as much as you replace them.)

Before I get into these 5 mistakes note this: Mistakes and experiments are different.

I experiment almost weekly in small ways and quarterly in medium ways and yearly in a big way. I don't track it. This is my sense of rhythm. I know that without experiments that fail, I'm not growing. "Try again, Fail again, Fail better" as Beckett says.

Some of these were mistakes at that time. Some of them were the right strategy for that season. To do any of them for the current season is a mistake. (That nuance matters. Learn the difference between, "This is a wrong move if you keep doing it." and "This was a wrong move.")

MISTAKE #1: I put my hands in the dreams of others. This was a wrong move.

In 2017 I had one large customer. As the company was growing I was careful to get away from that. Good move.

In 2018 I had a few large contracts shaping up that I held space/energy for as they developed. Bad move. It caused me to put myself in a wasted holding pattern.

There was a smart move I was making in relation to this. I still kept developing relationships out of fun and joy with certified coaches. I will keep doing that. :-)

MISTAKE #2: I focused more on knowledge than action. This was a wrong move.

In August 2018 I was at a crossroads. I didn't commit to a pathway that would allow me to help others more. I wasted some precious time trying to gain more knowledge when I already knew enough for the next step. I wasn't putting myself into a feedback rich environment.

Smart move: Committing to a course of action.

MISTAKE #3: I said yes to being with lots of teams. This is a wrong move if I keep doing it.

The last two years have been a blast providing experiences for many companies. I've been taking the SightShift message to people from Fortune 100 to the smallest business. It's been great. I've had a front seat with the primary leaders.

I've gained an exponential amount of experiences to help me better serve leaders. Now I'm moving to do more through our certified coaches and online training.

MISTAKE #4: Confusing the experimental with the proven. This was a wrong move.

I'm always learning, exploring, experimenting, and growing. I have written 5 books and am working on a few more. I have the ideas and rough-form content for somewhere around 10 more. I experience my internal world as an endless playground of joyful exploration. But I confuse people when I mix the experimental with the proven.

Going forward I've created ways of experiencing my work to make this clear:

  • Figure That Shift Out is our proven process to help individuals transform their life and leadership. Our certified coaches are ready to guide you. From there people will have the opportunity to complete our other programs. Under the brand of "Figure That _____ Out" is where our tested, tried and proven programs exist for the individual.
  • Growth Multiplier is where our business training occurs with my partner James.
  • Emergent is where our guidance for young professionals occurs with my partner Daniel.
  • SightShift Athletes is where we serve coaches and athletes.
  • What about the experimental content? Well, I haven't stopped. I will share more on that later this summer.

MISTAKE #5: Being timid about what I can do to help others. This is a wrong move if I keep doing it.

We all have a freaky zone of genius. There's many templates that can help you figure yours out. I couldn't figure my own out for 10 years! For a decade I read every book I could find on purpose and mission. We use a template of pain, play, and magic in Section 8 of Figure That Shift Out. Jim Collins Hedgehog principle has also been valuable to me.

My wiring, obsessive studying, and using myself as a guinea pig has resulted in all that SightShift is. But the real impact of my work is when I cook it down to a transformational coaching system. That system isn't world class unless it maps onto your life with customization.

I hope you know your gifts with the same clarity. I hope you move toward them with boldness.

I've been timid in inviting others into how I can help. Again, it wasn't timidity at the time. It is if I keep doing it.

I'll be sticking with a strategy over the next six months that has me fired up out of my mind. I'll be sharing more stories of others who SightShift has changed. I'll be making sure you know how you can advance with us.

I'm not beating myself up about any of these. I'm excited for what's ahead. Then things will change again. More learning. More mistakes. More growth. More success.

What are your mistakes?

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