September 30, 2022

3 Reasons Why We Lose (the 3 Enemies to Defeat and Win the 4th Quarter)

It’s coming on Saturday morning.

The 4th quarter begins.

If you’re fulfilled in every way and have no concerns about maximizing your potential (or the potential of your business) then swipe and delete. 

Enjoy that coffee. 

Years ago I started a practice. I would mentally close off the work day and, as I was preparing to enter our home, I would tell myself, “The 4th quarter begins when I walk through the door. The 4th quarter is where you win or lose the game.”

The 4th quarter is where you win or lose the game.

There are 3 enemies in your fourth quarter. Everything else is downstream from these enemies. Defeat these enemies and win the fourth quarter.

What are the 3 big enemies of the fourth quarter?

Enemy #1:

The key leader loses their edge to sustain the success. 

Leadership is lonely. That’s why I love doing leadership coaching (therapy? 😆)  with CEO’s/owners and their teams. We need a place to process and make sure we’re not letting the edges slip. That’s why I make sure every chat impacts you and every group of chats is life-changing. You can’t be like a circus and keep your leadership show going simply by going through the motions. You have to be effective.

Enemy #2:

Wasted energy on the team. 

Every team faces what organizational culture expert Robert Kegan calls, “the single biggest loss of resources that organizations face every day.” Do you know what it is? If not, I can assuredly say to you that it is happening with your leaders. When your team gets their fuel from circumstances, they never settle into disciplined execution. They don’t possess an owner’s mindset. Will your team move heaven and earth for the vision? 

“Not finance, not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and rare.”

- Patrick Lencioni

Enemy #3:

Hidden leaks in the team’s structure. 

Props to you. You’ve survived a tough business environment the last couple of years. As we prepare for rough and choppy business waters ahead, it’s going to be more difficult. The fat will be trimmed. Businesses will fail. How can you build muscle in this environment? Fix your hidden leaks. The ship will sink because of what you don’t know about your team’s strengths and weaknesses for the turbulence ahead. You need everyone at their best for what’s ahead. And most teams are out of balance relative to their goals. They are structurally unsound and will miss key concerns.

(Side note...I wrote this before Hurricane Ian and as I send this to you this morning I’m thinking about my friends in Florida. Send your friends love and support. We are lifting you up, Florida!)

My life is dedicated to the mastery of leadership development. 

If you don’t have a datatized view of your team and a leadership development process to take them on to defeat the fourth quarter enemies and win the fourth quarter well, I know a guy. 

Our team can take any goal you have and help you build the process and plan to get there.

Ready to win? Email us at or explore ways we can work together below.

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