March 17, 2020

How we can help you move forward now and everyday

During the last economic crisis I got knocked all the way down. 

Some of you already know my story of being on the deck of the house that we were renting and holding an eviction notice in my hand. During the last crisis I was substitute teaching. I’d take my lunch break and go to the school library, where I was reading and researching for all that I was building for what is now called SightShift. On the days when I couldn’t get a substitute teaching job, I would work on SightShift. 

I would feel a recoil of pain. The pain was real. But it positioned me for a re-visioning. 

When you feel afraid, bothered or concerned...that is your moment!! All vision starts with where you are emotionally disturbed.

Deep down you know it can be different. It can be better. 

The future belongs to those who know how to be poised. 

In the dark they sharpen their vision.

In the dark they practice their vision like it will be a reality tomorrow. 

The world will forever be different after this point in time.

We don’t know all those differences yet but the fork already happened. Those with vision will be standing there ready. The rest will try and catch up.

I think everyone who read my blog appreciates the need to prepare without panicking. 

I would bet everyone reading this appreciates the need to be calm, clear, and decisive right now with your leadership, teams, and business. 

For those of you who are friends and we meet in person, text, or speak by phone...I AM HERE FOR YOU in any way I can be...socially distanced of course. :-)

For most of my 20’s I was the ant. I made a massive grasshopper mistake in my late 20’s while leading through the 2008 crisis. In my 30’s I was surviving and rebuilding. Now in my 40’s I’m not as prepared as I would like to be for the crisis, but I have learned too many powerful lessons to put in one email. But here are two:

Learn to see your vision in the dark.

Learn to practice your vision in the dark.

I’ll be helping people with those lessons through 5 areas of service:


For the near- term, I’m still coaching the founder/owner/team leader and our certified coaches are here to serve your team. I’ll say this multiple times, but we are already coaching by video and audio. Because our coaching programs are based in guided learning, we get the same results by phone as in person. 

All of our coaching programs are supported by text, video, and audio. BOOM. The other fun fact is we are ready. We currently have 7x the capacity with that continually increasing due to the growth of our certification program.


Online coaching has been exploding and will only continue to grow. We’ll be continuing to certify coaches in our process. We have certified coaches from east to west coast. 

Certification has never required an in person process. And for those of you who want to leverage your skills with where the market is headed, we can move as fast as you can. Most adept and aware leaders have about $90,000.00 USD in annual income in their network for people they coach with the right training.


I’ve created 9 specific learning journeys for our programs and have also been creating learning journeys for organizations for years. I can help your company develop a customized learning journey to build and fill your leadership pipeline. (Side note: If you’re a coach I can help you build your learning journey and shape how you digitize the learning journey for impact.) 


Even after work and life resumes some semblance of normal...there will be no return. ‘Normal’ will be different. What will stay true is that your ability to communicate, influence, tell stories, and put together a talk on demand will be an essential skill. Actually, your ability to discover, develop, and deliver a message will be more valuable than ever. For years, I’ve guided people through our 8-part program on speaking. And until recently it has only been private. I want to help you practice your vision in the dark so when the lights come back on you’re ready. 


You know innovation happens in moments like this. Economic crises birth them. And those who know how to make money will do it again. Those who just ride the economy will stumble and falter. I started 2 other companies over the last few months with partners that are people who practice vision in the dark. 

When the light switch flips back on we’ll have a host of companies we helped make ready. One is and the other is only for private clients currently. Both of those will continue, as we do online trainings, online workshops, and product creation. I’ll share more soon as we continue to move forward.

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