April 8, 2020

2 Resources To Help You Comfort and Lead Your Team

I spend time thinking about 3 things a lot right now. Two of them are completely new:

1. What will be different about the world 6 months or 2 years from now? I’m seeing trends accelerate or reverse. Not much middle ground.

2. How can I stay a little ahead of the way people lose their minds? It’s like driving - I’m not worried as much about me but the other driver has me driving defensively. I’m not used to thinking about this in regards to food distribution and basic services. Plus just basic survival. Our oven went out this week and suddenly steps that were usually easy were now becoming very complicated.

The third thing, and the thing I've always thought about, is how I can best be of service to you.

My schedule has been crazier than usual with you reaching out to me and I’m so thankful.

Much of those communications have had a theme.

Many of the folks who reach out in response to these emails are those who have been through our premier program Figure That Shift Out and have learned how to be resilient even when the circumstances are very difficult.

There’s nothing more powerful than a relaxed and harnessed mind. And the time when you need that the most is when it’s most difficult to access: In a crisis.

But many of you have done that work. And I’m so proud of the work you’ve done to be ready for this moment so you can lead well.

The skill people have been reaching out for the most is how to best communicate, comfort, and lead the people on your team when they are afraid.

So I’m going to share 2 audio resources with you that are only on our online academy:

A. Here’s a talk on how to change your approach based on what the situation needs. Some of you are being too syrupy. Some aren’t empathetic enough. Some are too direct. Some aren’t direct enough. Learn how to give what is needed.

B. As you put together a communication piece, here’s an audio on how to put together a life changing talk. It also applies to that 3-minute video you need to send to your team.

If you can let this moment grow you, then you’ll be able to provide solid leadership to those you care for and grow your skills.

>> What I cover above will help you present by video and to empty rooms where you’re being recorded at the same level as you would if you were on a stage.

>> Watching someone do it will also accelerate your vision on how to do it yourself.

Peacetime will come again. The skills you gain in wartime help you sustain the peacetime.


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