Preparing your children for their future and enjoying getting there.
(SightShift you can do with your kids.)


Parents and kids are stressed out. We’re not doing great at our modern lifestyles.

On top of that, we wrap ourselves up in our kids so deeply that it hurts. It’s been said, “You are as happy as your happiest child.” You can replace ‘happy’ with a lot of descriptions.

On top of that…

You can’t prepare for all the changes our world is experiencing. Their future lives will look so different its hard for you to comprehend.


The choice isn’t between raising weak victims or jerks. There is a better way. And current research has shown that it’s a few random events that have some of the most dramatic shaping influences on how your kids process their lives.

I’ll show you how to get your kids ready.

And while all parenting is an experiment and there is no perfect way to do it, you will learn meta-ideas that are time-tested and not based on a trendy sociological experiment.


This isn’t about fixing your kids. Or you.

This is about you becoming your best and them too.

You can expect to grow as much as (or more than) them. You will help them discover their world as they were meant to see it, not how someone else wants them to see it.

While the coaching you’ll receive will be digital, the experiences you’ll do with your children are analog.


The parent who wants to learn ancient wisdom and best in class practices for mindset training. (This process has been tested in different cultures around the world and will map onto whatever your life and family makeup might be.)

The parent who knows life can be challenging and kindness is the best tone for teaching even if they don’t always live up to that tone. (I’m raising my hand here with you. That’s me also.)

The parent who wants to be free of the shame and guilt of how well they are or are not doing as a parent.

The parent who wants to be free of the comparison and learn to parent the child for who they are.

The parent (or grandparent) who wants to give their intentional best to one of their most important relationships.

The parent who wants to learn the secret to enjoying a lifelong adult relationship with your children.


One week per month, you can plan to spend an hour on Figure That Parenting Out. This will include 30 minutes (at most) of preparation and 30 minutes of the exercise/conversation.

During the other weeks, you’ll be getting discussion prompts. You can plan on 15 minutes of conversation during these weeks (or more time if you/they want). You won’t have to do any preparation for these discussions.

Over 12 months I’ll coach you how to form these
12 mindsets with your child:

1. The forgotten secret.

For the first time in human history your children will grow up with an awareness of the world.
How can they learn to process every moment and think for themselves?

2. Being the best me.

They’re learning as they watch and as they experience hurt. Without help they will show up to life “too much” or “too little”.
How can they show up just right?

3. The stories I tell.

Society will continue to fracture along the lines of narrative for some time as fear is used to stir up unaware responses.
How can they best know their story and better navigate their story in the world at large?

4. My mind is strong.

There are plenty of people and institutions that would love to be the ones to make meaning for your children.
What if they learned to make their own meaning?

5. What I want is good.

If they don’t learn self-control they will be controlled by others.
How can they live with desire and passion, but in a focused way?

6. I have a special power.

The pull to adulthood can be a development of maturity and a diminishment of their greatest creative asset.
What if they learned to harness it?

7. I can build good habits.

In a future world of AI/robots and a massive reorganization of the work force many will be left behind.
What if they learned to train themselves for dynamic responses?

8. I can be courageous.

If courage were easy, more people would take steps to move their lives forward.
What if they learned how to do the right thing even when it’s difficult?

9. I can choose my best path.

People get overwhelmed with too many choices and let others choose for them.
What if they learned to pick a path and commit to it with clarity?

10. I can speak my truth.

Relationships are messy and it’s the path of least resistance to have poor boundaries.
What if they learned how to navigate tense moments with poise?

11. I can make great friends.

Developing deep friendships is hard work.
What if they learned simple practices to cultivate them?

12. I want to keep growing.

Everyone hits the ceiling of their vision and stops somewhere.
What if they learned how to keep going?

Here’s me and one of my daughters while I was typing this:

2018-11-19 21_49_20 +0000-1.gif


Each month, you’ll receive an audio, video and transcription of me coaching you how to train your child.

You’ll lead them through an exercise. They will develop a skill.

The skill will be reinforced through a weekly dinner-time chat that increases their awareness.

Each mindset will coach the parent for 3 age ranges depending on their children’s (or grandchildren’s) ages:
Childhood, Adolescent, Young Adult.

You’re not purchasing a training, but an experience.

Then the process is focused around attaining 12 mindsets through experiencing an exercise and learning a skill.

Yours and your children’s life will be changed. Like I said in the video about the softball coach, I believe you can be the best teacher to your children for their most important lessons. As I guide you to guide them, I’ll show you in such a way that you can improve and customize the approach as much as you want.


I built this for me. And you.

I’ll be taking the journey with you.

Here are my 3 daughters that I’ll be bribing to jump in to this next year.



For this level you will receive:

  • 12 audio/video/transcribed lessons for each month of 2019

  • 12 exercises to do with your child in the skill formation

  • 36 conversational prompts for the dinner table

Cost: $59.00

Parent Like a Pro


For this level you will receive:

  • All of the Parent Like A Pro benefits

  • 3 digital books to aid your understanding of the content

  • Access to The SightShift Academy online with 3 of the 5 courses that will increase your understanding of the material

  • An invite to a monthly online group coaching experience to help you go further

Cost: $189.00

Parent Like a Sherpa


For this level you will receive:

  • All of the Parent Like A Pro and Parent Like A Sherpa benefits

In addition this level is built around 12 chats of 30 minutes between the parent(s) and Chris. These chats occur over the course of the year to aid in the deepest level of application. Limited spots available. After purchase you will be contacted by email to set up the chats.

Cost: $3,999.00

Parent Like A Guru


This level is for those exceptional people who believe the world needs this and want to help make it. Name and email not required for this level.

Cost: Whatever you want to give.

Parent The World

How else can I help?

Share the link to this page:

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When are you making SightShift for dogs?

It’s not in any of our future plans.

Can I gift this?

Yes. Just put the recipient’s email in the email address field at checkout and let them know they’ve received the gift.

What ages is this for?

This is designed for 3 levels of learning: Childhood, Adolescent, Young Adult.

Does this have to be done by two parents or can it be done by a single parent?

It can be done by a single parent! And grandparents can do it with their grandchildren too.

When will Figure That Parenting Out begin?

Materials will start to be delivered the second week of January 2019.

My company has purchased access for me to The SightShift Academy so will I get this also?

Yes. You will get level 1: Parent Like A Pro.

Note: SightShift is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, treatment, medical treatment, psychotherapy, counseling, or mental health services. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any mental health symptom or medical condition. Never disregard professional, psychological or medical advice or delay in seeking it.