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A live coaching experience to finally become a leader that changes lives.

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Too many leaders lead for validation, not impact.

(And most don’t even realize it!)

They are hesitant to fully commit to the next goal
They rely too much on heroic efforts
They question if their team has what it takes

That leads to more work with less production and a lot of wasted potential.

We don’t want to see that happen to you!

Whether you’re a business owner or CEO leading an entire organization or you’re a leader of a team trying to make an impact inside the organization, we’ve been where you are and we’ve helped hundreds of leaders just like you become leaders of impact.

The SightShift Impact Formula™ will work for you too.

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Become a leader of impact by mastering the SightShift Impact Formula™

Impact   =   Right Action   +   Right Motive


Mindfulness is the new antidote for stress, but just “being present” doesn’t change the world. Impact Leaders use mindfulness to upgrade their mindset. They know how to be present and engaged. And they know how to leverage circumstances to grow other leaders.

Right Action

Most leadership development prioritizes empathy. Empathy is a good start, but not the complete picture. Impact Leaders serve. They learn to take appropriate action to end the suffering of others without rescuing them.

Right Motive

The reason behind your actions is just as important as your actions. Self-interest and selfishness are expected in today’s culture, but Impact Leaders learn to be honest about their motives so they can demand more without being demeaning.

You began your leadership journey with a vision of success and impact.

But at some point things start to change.

  • Are you dreading the sacrifices necessary to lead your team?
  • Are you getting increasingly angry with your team or family?
  • Are you turning bitter toward your closest relationships?

Stop relying on overpriced seminars, gimmicky retreats, or leadership fads to solve your leadership challenges.

Attend Lead for Impact, a live coaching experience that delivers real transformation, so you can...

Make meaning out of your sacrifice to regain your personal engagement

Determine your direction to sharpen your focus

Renew your relationships to grow from every frustration

“This event challenged me to examine the choices I have to make as a leader and the impact they have on our company culture and employees.”
Eric Goodwin
Director of Business Development, OMCO Solar
"SightShift has given me the skills, tools, and confidence to tackle whatever crisis comes our way."
Whitney Lewis
Founder, Movement on Main Center for Dance, Muskingum Youth Performing Arts
"After working with SightShift, I have such a clarity of myself and that has a direct impact on my thoughts and decisions, my family, my community, and my business.”
Dr. Melissa McRae
Founder/Owner Vitality Wellness
"SightShift accelerated my fulfillment of my desire to grow and it showed me how I could make my growth intentional.”
David Sherry
Co-Founder of Death To Stock, Coach to founders
“SightShift not only had an impact on my business but it shows up in everything I do. The principles, frameworks, and truths come out everywhere."
Mike Clouse
"The most important role of a leader is to do the work on yourself so you are comfortable in your own skin. And SightShift, no doubt, has the expertise and approach to get you there."
Scott Snodgrass
CEO Centennial Peaks Hospital
“SightShift has the unique ability to extract so much out of what leaders are going through on a daily basis.”
Mikey Sorboro
Chief Culture Officer, LNS Restaurant Group
“I’m more relaxed in leading people because of SightShift.”
Salla Alajoki
Senior Manager, Delivery Capability Vaisala
“The whole process from start to finish is profound. It was life changing!”
Jordan Moore
"It feels amazing to walk into a room confident in who you are, be able to deliver a message, and not have a fear of not knowing the answer to a question.”
Owen Wyss
CFO, Miles-McClellan Construction
“Working with SightShift showed me how I can increase my capacity and still do something great and meaningful.”
Reagan Pugh
Speaker and Presenter
"After working with SightShift I’ve been able to more easily step in and be the person I need to be.”
Chris Ritchie
Managing Partner, Executive and Go-To-Market/Operations Practices, Integrity Power Search
"If you go through the program and do the work, you come out of it a changed person.”
John Weaver
CEO of 22 Ventures
"SightShift gave me a real set of tools to use in the day to day experience of facing challenging situations and handling the pressures of work and life."
Suprasanna Mishra
Senior Group Product Manager, Upstart
"If you want to improve yourself whether at work or at home, SightShift gives you the tools to do that.”
Kevin McIntyre
Partner/Owner at Ghost Label Video
"This content is THE BEST I have ever read, experienced, and applied!"
Ryan Magada
Founder, Brave Little Beast
"What I learned from SightShift brought me a level of happiness, contentment, and leadership that I never thought was possible."
Shannon Lee
Executive Director, Leadership Columbus
"I am better, happier, and more effective thanks to SightShift. It changed my life for the better!"
Jeff Miller
Director Business Development, Noble
"SightShift was a game changer for the way that I approach our business and gave me the skills necessary to ensure that I am constantly improving"
Michael Supeck
Founding Partner, Ohio Angel Collective
"SightShift helped me figure out how to relax and get back into flow whenever I feel intrusive thoughts hit me.”
Eric Friedensohn
"SightShift helped me identify the root cause of some challenges that were prohibiting me from reaching full potential and fulfillment in my career."
Laura Krebs Miller
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Brandywine Realty Trust
"SightShift quickly gets at the heart of what true great leaders are made of and how folks can transform themselves."
Michael Siemer
Director, Worldwide Safety and Assurance for Disney

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