October 22, 2019

You're Tricking Yourself (Here's How + What To Do About It)

Without awareness, when we are left to our own thinking processes, we tend to make mediocre decisions.

I say mediocre because most of the people reading this aren’t choosing between good and bad ("Should I brush my teeth or rob the bank?").

They are choosing between good and a little better. Except “a little better” isn’t how you expand into a new possibility.

It’s one thing to make your calendar a little better. It’s another to reinvent how you process your day. And all of our society’s obsession on productivity improvement is basically looking at how to run on this current iteration of our hamster wheel...just a little bit better.

Improving your life is vastly harder than completely re-imagining your life (when you know the technique).

The boosheat in your decision making shows up like this:

  • You convince yourself about something your insecure identity (ego) wants that isn’t a true expression of what you want.
  • You pay the price for that decision as you slog along day after day.
  • You look up one day and it’s been years on repeat.

It’s the stale relationship. It’s the ghost eyes of the co-founder beside you. It’s the success that was "going to make everything better" but didn’t.

How do you strip away all the ways you trick yourself?

>> Recognize that it’s all a chase <<

You will always make your best decisions in a hammock. Or a porch swing. Or a rocking chair. And please understand I’m talking more about a mental state than a physical place.

When you spend 30 minutes in a porch swing or hammock and you get to the point that your mental chatter slows down, something or should I say someone emerges.

It’s the YOU.

The you who is secure in who you are. The you that doesn’t let the insecure identity (ego) cause you to prove or hide. It’s the honest you.

The honest you doesn’t want to waste time or play games at the stupid stuff of life. The honest you knows what it wants...

And here’s the magic...The honest you wants it but feels relaxed and so it unleashes the fullness of your imagination and creativity.

The best you shows up relaxed. That’s why this is an internal state more than a physical place. Life isn’t lived on a hammock but in the demands, pressures, problems, and challenges of life.

But when you learn how to carve out an interior world that isn’t about
ESCAPING but instead about ENHANCING, you become unstoppable.

You can make decisions from that hammock mindset in the midst of the struggles that activate you. You just navigate in the midst of that activation differently than you would if you were distressed. When you’re distressed you can’t access the fullness of your creativity and your ego seeks validation. You trick yourself.

Ultimately the most IMPORTANT choice you make is to live in cooperation with the unconscious OR in warfare with it. The hammock mindset is a pathway in.

Do you know how to live in cooperation with it? How can we help?

Just so you know...

From the first moment you chat with a SightShift coach, we position ourselves as guides - we don’t push it upon anyone. We share our experiences, experiences of others, and allow those with the intrigue to take the first step towards growth.

We lead people to discover the world as they are meant to see it, not forcing someone to see it the way we do. We guide narrow roads. We know the lay of the land. We are there through the journey.

Then we teach them how to navigate without us. We know from experience that wisdom is best lived out in the “electric middle”. When you seek a false certainty we help you recognize the mysterious paradox.

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