August 23, 2022

How Investing in Yourself Creates a Positive Impact on the World Around You

This summer we were at the beach and at one point we could see this person that was far out in the water. So much so, that we were starting to get concerned about him. 


We got even more concerned when we saw this lifeguard run up to where the water reached the shore. She was standing there, on alert and ready.


Then suddenly, this young dude with a ton of energy runs up to her.


I'm far enough back, so I can't hear what he's saying, but hlly excited and energetic, pointing out into the water. 


And the next thing you know, he just starts swimming out there.


The current was really strong, and he wasn't ready. 


He wasn't trained. 


He wasn't prepared. 


He ends up being way off course from trying to help this person.


At this point, the lifeguard is swimming out there to help the person. Except now, this other person has to be rescued as well. 


Of course, other lifeguards came up and they got a boat out there. It was a big mess. 


All this happened because one well-intentioned person didn't know what they were doing.


I understand the reason why so many shy away from boldness, the audacity, and the ambition to lead others - whether as a coach or leading in the workplace -  because we have compassion and we want to be good humans.


We don't want to do more harm than good, but we do overcomplicate things.


You can impact and change lives. It's not something that is a far-off science. Just like a lifeguard, it can be trained. You can be trained in how to change people's lives.


And when you know how to show up and impact lives, it changes everything.


Seek to be that kind of leader. 


Learn, invest in yourself, grow, develop frameworks and exercises, or find ones that work.


As always, we’re standing ready at to help you lead others.




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