January 20, 2020


I am partnering with Daniel Juday, a Columbus-based speaker and convener, to launch a new brand specifically geared toward providing world-class leadership development for young professionals.

We know the challenges: young professionals are not getting the development opportunities they crave, and companies are losing them in record numbers because they cannot figure out how to meet that development desire.


Emergent Banner.png

EMERGENT is a dynamic combination of individually-paced online learning and community- based experiences to catalyze that growth.

It consists of an online platform that we call EMlab, which is a journey-centered, 9-module course that guides participants through embracing their most powerful selves, empowering those around them to do the same, and embarking together toward even greater impact and success.

The live events are opportunities for participants to:

  • learn more about these ideas and competencies through the eyes of others
  • connect with their peers across the city
  • hear anecdotal leadership lesson from some of the city’s most impactful and influential leaders.

We believe that EMERGENT will quickly become one of the premier young professional leadership development models across the country.

And, we want to invite you into this exciting season with us as a Launch Partner.

We know you’re cheering for us, rooting for our success, as we do for yours.

If you believe EMERGENT might be a fit for your company (there are 2 ways to become a Launch Partner), please check out additional details at www.iamemergent.com and let us know how we can support you in meeting the growth needs of your team.

Yo, don’t miss that. We can help you develop your young professionals to their personal best and facilitate the transformation of teams.

SightShift is deep. The work starts with the Founder/Owner/CEO.

Emergent is different. Emergent is shaped for the young professional.

As SightShift grows we are extending the work into 2 new brands. The first one I’m sharing with you is Emergent. You’ll hear lots more about this, and the other one I’ll share with you soon.

My partners in these brands are world-class leaders. Can’t wait to share more.

Now is your opportunity to be a part of something transformative during a time when there is such a crisis of mental fitness. And we’ve already scored a major win with Emergent (which I’ll share soon). We can wring our hands in despair or we can change our world.

Hope you join us. Email us at connect@sightshift.com now to talk about what Emergent can do for you.

P.S. A little video tease:

emergent video.jpg