February 19, 2019

Comedian Steve Martin Helped Me The Last 6 Weeks

Don’t apologize for your passion.

Impression without expression leads to depression. (The circumstantial kind of depression not the brain chemistry kind.)

When you have something happening in you it must go through you. It might be direct conversation or something you paint on a canvas. It must be expressed or you’ll block your flow.

The comedian Steve Martin helped set me up for some massive insights over the holidays. It was a time of vision like I can’t ever remember. 6 weeks of burning heat. (I should probably get that checked out )

It actually took me back to being 18 years old. I had so much FIRE in me to impact others but I felt like was only able to express about 3%. I felt underutilized. I was not at the edge of my capacity. My dad said something brilliant to me. “Instead of trying to dig something wide. Dig a deep well within yourself.” And so I did. I went deep with vision.

Henceforth these last 23 years I would estimate that I’ve been mostly at the edge of my abilities each year growing and stretching.

Until the last year.

This last year has been one of massive vision and upgrades in my thinking and approaches. It culminated through a conversation with a close friend and experiences so weird you’d unsubscribe from this email list lickety-split.

But I can trace back the cascading insight to a number of events including an online class I purchased with Steve Martin. As I watched the videos taking notes he said something that WHAMMED me internally.

I hope you let your desires and visions rage. I hope you feel the thrill of full tilt expression in your gifting and wiring. And then I hope you get to the edge again and again and again.

I love meeting with people 1 on 1 and helping them unblock who they are. I’m really good at it and I can do it fast. Therefore it’s not cheap. (It’s been said that you can have 2 of the 3: good, fast, cheap. You can’t have all 3.)

Until now?

We’ve changed how our online academy works. For the first time ever you can just buy 1 course. Like I did with the Steve Martin course. At a stupid cheap price. SightShift’s services will feel expensive to most. But we’ve priced our courses to be so far below industry standard pricing. I want you to have all the growth you want.

Freaking change your life. Do something.

  1. If you want to go deep start with the Figure That Shift Out course.
  2. Need a light introduction into shaping your mindset? Do the Figure That Mindset Out.
  3. Frustrated with an inability to manage yourself and others? Learn to do things the right way with Figure That Work Out.
  4. Failing to maximize your abilities? Learn to do the right things with Figure That Leadership Out.
  5. Want to learn to impact others and take them through our signature program? (Without charging them or advertising your services, duh.) Take yourself through our certification course.
  6. Need to help a relationship with a significant other to move forward? Complete the Figure That Relationship Out.

I’m still just getting started. I raise coaching prices 3 times a year. The prices for the courses will most likely be raised year to year. No gimmicks. No coupon codes. Go change your life.


My most powerful break thru usually follow when I’m laying down and I think and FEEL, “This is a circumstance no one will rescue me from. I must go forth and create a new reality.”

Go create a new reality.