July 10, 2018

1 easy action to develop those around you. 1 template to develop leaders.

Healthy humans wants to grow and get better. 

At some point the focus of your leadership journey changes. 

Rather than the ending point to your day being, "Did I grow?" it becomes, "Did I help them grow?"

Growth and development is like a spring. It flows. 

And we fail to value the micro-steps of growth. The idea we learned from that article. The way a book helped us frame an issue. The podcast that expanded the horizon of our thinking. The actions and attitudes that were sparked from that tweet.

Here's 1 action to develop those around you: Share a resource. 

If you've ever been on a team with me you know I've shared podcasts, articles, books, and ideas to stimulate your growth.

Share something now with someone. Make it a recurring weekly event on your calendar to share. Over time you'll be seen as a resource just from sharing resources. 

Want to go further?


The number 1 problem for every organization I've ever worked with (AFTER their model is dialed in, finances are healthy, and a clear objective is in place...which is difficult to do)

...is their leadership pipeline. 

They run out of leaders. Or their pace is hampered by the lack of a deep leadership bench. 

And this will only become more true. I don't need to read another report to know that strategic thinking to cut through the data and emotional/relational intelligence will be rare in the future. (In my coaching experience the interpersonal skills of those that have grown up with a computer and now a phone are massively deficient to those who haven't.) Leadership skills will be more necessary than ever in the future. Unless you want to work at a distribution center. 

Here's 4 components you'll need for leadership pipeline that will facilitate your mission not hamper it:

1. Senior/executive leadership that models the organizations values and interacts with others as a master coach.

This is difficult. Everything that is caught will have more of an impact than what is taught. An organization that develops others requires leaders who can develop others. Seems obvious. But rarely happens.

2. Vision and values that elicit positive emotions from everyone in the organization. 

This is medium in difficulty. The right experiences or with visionary leadership (you can get there through either path) will surface the identity/dna of the organization. Then you can creatively shape the wording to make the values/vision attitude forming and action inspiring. 

3. Peer to peer mentoring and learning. 

This is difficult. Without a framework the best you can hope for is peer to peer conversations. That alone is great and rare but not enough to establish consistent language and framing across the organization. When language and framing are shared experiences the depth, speed, and clarity of communication return with return more energy than you put into the communication. 

4. Resources that allow individuals to maximize learning at a self driven pace.

This is easy. Never before has an access to so much learning been possible. The difficult part is finding best-in-class resources that support #1-#3 above. 


As an FYI we advise organizations on the 4 above on how to do it. In addition we resource them on #1,#3, #4 and offer experiences that surfaces #2. If you're interested in the strategic assessment/development for your organization there's room for a few orgs this summer and it's the perfect time to get ready for the Fall. Just reply back, "Apply" if you're a decision maker for any of #1-#4 and want to get more info. 

If you're not that decision maker but want to grow the academy is always there for you. 

Share something with someone and help them develop as a leader.