June 26, 2018

5 jumpstarts to your personal momentum.

Mid-year boost for ya:

#1 Your best work is in front of you.

Don’t compromise.
It’s your fire for what could be that will keep you practicing and harnessing your skills that will bring in the most meaning (and money...see #2 below). 

How do you practice this?
You keep taking the next vulnerable step. 
You put yourself out there in small ways but increasingly big ways. 
You make bigger pitches. 
You make bigger asks.
You ship. 
You send. 
You _____.

If it’s this easy why doesn’t everyone do it?
Because they are afraid of the response of others. 

What will they think? 
I’m not far enough along yet to do it at the level I want to. 

You can recover if you keep going. 
Don’t trick yourself. 
What kind of work do you want to do?
How good do you want to do that work?

You’re not launching a rocket. 
You can start before you’re ready.

Action: Take the next step. 


#2 Money is value added.

I know, duh, and I’m not saying it’s easy or overnight. 
But your current approach limits how much you’re making. 

Don’t be pie-in-the-sky stupid. 
Do answer these without bs.
What do you want your life to look like?
How much does it take to make that life happen? 

If you want to have an annual family vacation, reliable transportation, and not intentionally dress like you’re one step behind things you need to make 130K for a family of four. This is based on a recent USA Today study.

Quick tip to figure out how much that needs to be hourly is to divide by half. 
Not clean but close.

So everything you do need to make you 65.00 an hour roughly speaking. 
But I don’t want to survive the middle class. 
So I need time to develop myself if I want to get beyond getting by.
The best develop themselves everyday. 
If you develop yourself for a measly 2 hours everyday (include an hour of fitness with and hour of reflection and reading) and cut out the wasted time...
you’re most likely working working 4 solid hours a day. 
That means you need 130.00 an hour. 
And like most people that play at this level and go beyond the middle class they learn the 20/80 rule.
20% of those 4 hours are where you make your most value.
You’re probably making the most money in less than a quarter of that 4 hour window.
Making more money is connected to your ability to leave the unessential things undone so you can upgrade you. 

It’s taking an online workshop.
It’s seeking out the coaching. 
It’s reading the book and applying it. 

So you can:
send one solid email.
stand out by an audacious feat. 
zig when they zag.

The pro level movements are a result of developing yourself.

Figure out your hour target. 
Then invest in yourself to make it happen.
Action: Invest in something that will grow you. 


#3 Life is fun when your relationships are fun. 

You train people how to treat you. 
I know. 
There’s some exceptions to that. 
If people aren’t responding to the healthy ways you want to be treated then exit. 
Train them they can’t treat you that way.

For the rest of us...
If what people will think of you is holding you back from the moves you need to make...

Sit them down. 
Ask them to listen to your hopes, dreams, and uncertainties. 
Team member. Partner. Lover. Crazy eyed uncle.

Action: Give support. Request one small way they can show you support.

There’s 2 kinds of people.
Those that dance at weddings and have fun. 
Those that watch, arms crossed, and judge. 

Seriously, did you know in an informal study of hospice patients was that their number 1 regret was they wished they lived their life not the one someone else wanted to live. 

Pull the eject button on the kind of person, business owner, daughter, etc of who “they” say you need to be.

See you on the dance floor.

And dancing takes lots of energy. 
Energy you don’t have for drama.


#4 Reduce the unnecessary friction or drama.

Your current approach to __________ (fill in the blank with fitness, skill development, business growth, etc) is getting you the current result you’re experiencing.

How do you change your approach?

Pay attention to what you repeat. 
From household chores that my kids complete to interactions with clients when things get off the rails I look for systems or repeated actions that took it into crazy town. Then I build a new system or rhythm or repeated action to prevent that from happening again. 

If the chores aren’t done by noon Saturday then no allowance. 
Miss 2 clearly communicated and agreed upon deadlines then no job.

If every time you launch a new initiative with your team it fizzles out by month 2 there’s a system to change. 
If you fight over money at home there’s a needed system upgrade (or a few systems). 

Don’t try and stop bad systems just replace them with good ones. 

Action: Find one one area where a bad system is going unnoticed and study it.

Then what?


#5 Make sharp quick movements from best practices that excite you. 

We live in an amazing time. We are constantly learning. 
And that can be overwhelming.
17 unscientific studies quoted on the news and I don’t know if it’s healthy to drink wine, at the same time eat chocolate, while running around the block to purify my lungs of my home’s air pollution. 
But there are changes you can make like:

Eat for sustained energy.
Learn how to listen and be present. 
Communicate your needs. 
Have a calendar that excites you. 
Contribute so much value to others they light up to see you.
Practice mental habits that make you feel gratitude to be alive. 
Harness your physiology for extreme mental stamina.

All of the above are amazing because they make your life amazing.
And it’s as simple as learning how the brain works and how to cooperate with it. 
Intentionally wiring your brain and building your own triggers is the new performance superdrug.
A few small moves can make big changes happen.

You don’t have to learn it all or do it all. 
There will be new knowledge tomorrow. 
Don’t carry shame for not taking the path of others. 
You figure you out.

Action: Experiment, experiment, experiment to find that habits you enjoy that make you feel good.


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