May 18, 2018

"I finally ran fearless"

How do I explain SightShift? 

Bret (our leader) cracked the code. It's mindset training. 

I had been thinking about how mindfulness is a great start but you're not done until you've upgraded your mindset. We barely introduced this at the end of The Stuck Book and like all things each step leads to the next one. And he led with such clarity when he proposed the mindsets that SightShift cultivates. Immediately we started working through this and knew we had something. It's the best "zoomed out" way yet I've seen to discuss SightShift. At the highest level SightShift is helping you develop 7 mindsets. 

Here's a recent podcast where I walk through those 7 and talk about the current issues they address in society. Also how you as a leader can cultivate these 7: . This is just the beginning of our articulation of this. (You can also find some newish episodes on just 1 of the mindsets: victim vs. victor)

So Bret sent out an email this week to those subscribed to our athlete channel. 

And it's awesome so I'm sharing it here. 

Take the mic Bret:


An interesting story out of the USA 25k Championships last weekend.

Accomplished long distance runner Sarah Crouch opted to race without wearing a watch. Her explanation of the decision: “This year I’ve raced quite a bit but to be totally honest I haven’t put myself into races where losing was very likely. It turns out that winning when you’re not trying very hard isn’t super satisfying. So I’m actually here to kind of get my butt kicked a little bit. I couldn’t care less what time I run and I think that when I have my watch on, when I’m constantly looking at it, I’m far too much in my own head and in my own way. So the goal tomorrow is to race my instincts, my guts.”

Running coach Steve Magness noted: “[Sarah has] had great training but struggled in racing, so she wanted to put the emphasis back on racing and free herself from the time."

She ended up finishing 3rd in the race after leading most of the way and recorded a personal best time.

“I finally ran fearless,” she said.


Two things I notice from this story:

1. A Victor Mindset - Sarah is choosing situations that kick her butt a little bit, that stretch her abilities. She's not protecting an ego or a record or a perception. She's seeking opportunities to grow.

2. A Focused Mindset - Sarah is eliminating distractions, seeking presence over performance. She is prioritizing getting lost in the moment. 

Train the mind to experience Relaxed Intensity. A calm presence and a focused mind.

Hope you can find inspiration from Sarah.