April 18, 2018

This was holding me back and it holds you back also...

Weeks ago I wanted to launch an idea but I lingered. For days. And then it hit me like a pile of bricks. SightShift has grown. It is happening. And I didn't want to risk a failure. I had started playing "not to lose" rather than playing to win. 

Do you show up like Goliath or David? One is the humble underdog. One begs to be taken down. The key is no matter what to stay the humble underdog. Stay hungry. Stay captivated with your crazy goals and desires.

There's so much I don't know. There's so much I want to learn. (My curiosity can drive me a little crazy with all I want to learn and understand.) The minute I stop being the underdog in my brain the 40,000 certified coaches becomes a result I get attached to rather than loving the process of the continual climb. 

A few current curiosities if you're curious...

Let's talk about intellect and intuition. 
I've been doing a really deep dive into a number of fields and came across a way of expressing an idea. Seeing Blaise Pascal write hundreds of years ago about the the way your intellect and intuition processes an experience shook me.  For the last 10 years one of the most impactful changes that has happened to me is learning to experience the moment and not just analyze it. The way I've been wording it is learning to receive what is happening then process it. Even if the processing kicks in a second after you notice the sensations it opens up your ability to be present. This is what I was trying to say in the Figure That Shift Out book with the story where my daughter slipped me that note. It's a wonderful feeling to feel like you hug your daughter for the first time. You can "receive" that feeling many times. 

Let's talk about identity. 
Learning how to cooperate with how your brain already processes your experiences through identity is the key hinge point for what SightShift is all about. I've been fascinated recently to see some teams I'm working with have a lightbulb moment when they see it. They get their business identity is important. You can't market effectively if you don't know the identity of your business. The same is true for the individual! In fact we could say it is more true. All truth is expressed through language and metaphors and yes so much is perception. But you can anchor in. I've doing a lot more study on social policies as I get more questions regarding building communities around the SightShift ideas. Lots more to say here for another time but it still goes back to the individual and their discovery of who they are.

Let's talk about solving problems. 
If you're not energized to solve problems in your mission or community, in your business or your relationships then you're blocked up. Everyone gets blocked up. Few continually unblock. After the academy came out something in me changed about how I relate to the day to day function of my work. I've spent so many years building and tightening the content of SightShift. I felt stuck looking at computer screen with a pile of tasks that are no longer my "A" priorities. I can't listen to another podcast or read another article and have it end with, "will you tell the people how!?!?!?". SightShift is the how. It's the mindset training for the practitioner. It's not for the monk that wants to run away to the desert. It's for the one who has some Goliaths to take down. One of my mini-Goliaths 😉 is I am changing my calendar. I've found that I need to dial it in about every 6 months. Occasionally I overhaul it and rebuild my week. I am overhauling it. I am changing the structure of my week to spend more time with some options I'll share below. (I think of calendar optimization as building your ideal week.)


What that means is more time with people doing the work of SightShift with others:

1. New coaching group opens in a few weeks. If you're interested in the coaching for yourself or certification to coach others let me know. I love getting notes from our certified coaches on the impact they are having. The people they coach I don't meet with but they are getting the same results. One certified coach sent me a note that said the coachee had sent a note that said, "My coach asked what has been different and I explained how I wasn't wrapping my identity up in my performance any more." WOO. Go here for coaching interest.

2. If you're interested in making a SightShift event happen in your city with some friends or with your team at work let's do it! Email connect [at] sightshift.com, "Event" and we'll send you an interest form. 

3. If you can get to Columbus or you are in Columbus then join me HERE for the:  SightShift 2 day workshop. This workshop is an intense 9 hours in which we cover the same 12 steps taught in the full program. It's limited to a small group so you will receive direction instruction and coaching as you work on the exercises. Participants will receive:


Where are you curious? Where do you need to unblock some curiosity?