February 20, 2018

Burnout is completely misunderstood.

The shower in our bedroom is getting demolished and will be replaced this week. 

When they put the shower in they didn't put the proper backing on the tile but instead used normal drywall. 

Done correctly the foundation of the wall would support many, many, many showers. Done incorrectly the tile has bulged out and the ceiling below was getting wet in just SEVEN years!

So I told my wife we are all going to shower less. The house can't take regular showers. (This is all part of my master plan to reduce the water bill.)

The answer isn't to shower less but fix the foundational work that was done incorrectly. 

This makes me think of getting big things done and burnout. 


You're capable of way more. You are more brave than you know. But if you don't know how to make your own meaning then you will burnout. 

The answer isn't to expect less of yourself in a challenging environment. The answer is to learn how to sharpen your mindset in the midst of challenge. 

research shows that the single biggest cause of work burnout is not work overload, but working too long without experiencing your own personal development.” Kegan, Robert; Lahey, Lisa Laskow. An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (p. 2).


When I am challenged I want to be mindful. I want to be aware of what is happening inside me and around me. But I also want to lean in so I can understand how the challenge will upgrade my mindset. 

Life has a way of exposing the need for a demolition job to your old mindset so you can get a new one. It's time for your upgrade.

One of my favorite mindset statements that I say to myself often: There's a 1001 reasons to lower your head today. You only need 1 to lift it. Your identity isn't on the line. 


Get ready because I see Western society separating into 2 groups that make an attempt at leadership:

Those who think the answer to suffering is to fight for their validation. 

Those who learn to self-validate, seize the moment, grow their influence, move society forward and upgrade their skills. 

I don't know how long it will take but we seem to going through a demolition job society wide. There will be progress from it. But people will also develop bad mindsets that will shape bad habits. I'm extremely concerned about a "victim mindset" I see developing even in the midst of progress. It's why I recorded 4 new podcast episodes on the victim culture that is developing under your nose in your team or familyFly me away to that podcast.

This whole idea of burnout is why I made the Figure That Mindset Out course in the academy yo. You can learn the transferable parts of my mindset and there's a workbook for making your own. Time to move from 😳 to 😎. Whisk me away to that academy.

Where is life challenging the resiliency of your mindset right now?