January 24, 2018

When I lose vision or hope I shrink back.

When the vision feels far out of reach I might...

- not make that phone call
- fail to pitch that idea
- retreat into a distracted busyness (social media can be perfect for this)
- skip going to the gym
- numb myself out in some way (when I eat the whole bag of chips and my tastes bud lose sensation)

If you've hung around here for a while you know my obsession is helping you find your way. So you can live your mission. And build your community. 

Some days I march forth, the sun shines bright, and I can hear the birds singing. 

Some days the clouds merge into the horizon like this suffocating gray blanket, I grovel around on the ground for the next step, and I get knocked down. 

I don't know if I'm stubborn or stupid but I can tell you in 20 years of leading people that if you get back up again then you'll have more sunny days. You'll be so glad you didn't quit. And you'll have more grey and cloudy days where you learn insights so beautiful they change you. 

Life has this way of continually taking you to the edge of your abilities. You can shrink back or power up. But both of those deform you. 

My aim for you and me is to continue to relax our way into who we are (BEING) but not coasting short of our true potential (DOING). To do that you'll have to find your own way. Here's a talk from last year that was recently loaded online. Set aside some time to learn and grow. Be warned I do have a couple pics of Johnny Cash and Kanye flipping the camera off. You gotta hear how the stages of growth work to your advantage tho!

(BTdubs as my teenagers would say or By The Way...I'd love to come speak at your event this year on SightShift. I can leave the Johnny Cash and Kanye pics at home. 😜 The sooner I know the easier it is to try and make a date work out. Speaking interest form here: https://www.sightshift.com/speaking)