August 15, 2017

Announcing SightShift:Athletes !

One day a dad brought his son to me. The dad had heard me speaking about identity and he brought his son in for a visit because the son had been kicked off a Division I team. His son was crushed. It was a conversation I've had with numerous athletes: You are more than the sport you play.

His son was stuck. When he grasped identity > mission > community it unblocked him. I love how quickly athletes can grasp and live out SightShift.



6 years ago this guy from Arizona made a comment on a blog that I used to have. 858 emails or so later (plus 4 books and hours of phone conversations) we are ready!

It THRILLS me to share with you the official launch of SightShift: Athtletes under the leadership of Bret Burchard!! is now the home of the athletic division of SightShift. As SightShift is for leaders and businesses so SightShift: Athletes exists for the world of competitive sport. GO check out the site and let me know what you think!

While the work is mainly centered around professional and collegiate athletics this is for everyone irregardless of the level you compete. It's also for coaches and team management.

And I'm jacked for you to meet Bret! (In fact below the sign off I have a little q/a with him.)



Thanks for being here. I always want to help you grow through everything I do. And while this is more of an update than sharing specific help...we are all connected to people that need SightShift in some part of their life.

This marks a giant leap forward on 2 levels to help more people get unblocked and start overflowing healthy performance. How?

1. Bret is our first certified SightShift trainer. I only want people to accomplish certification that I believe can do a better job than me in their respective worlds. Bret is already doing that and I'm so proud for him to be first. I aim for many more certified SightShift trainers of such high caliber.

2. Bret is also our first divisional leader! As things progress we have plans for other divisions. We are just getting started.

I don't want to get too far in the future. 6 years, 858 emails, and hours of phone calls means we are so fulfilled to be in this moment.




MEET BRET (my questions in bold):

Tell us a little about yourself. Hi, my name is Bret, and I cannot resist pizza - no matter how much I have already eaten! :-)

But seriously, I live in Phoenix, Ariz., and work for the Phoenix Suns. This will be my 8th season with the Suns organization. I grew up in Missouri. My dad has been a college basketball coach for my entire life so I was literally raised in the gym. I played college basketball in Indiana for a Hall of Fame coach, worked for him as an assistant and then escaped to warmer weather! I am not a fan of being cold so I love living in the desert.

You're passionate and ambitious...why SightShift? For about 10 years I devoured every leadership and self-help resource I could get my hands on. I was around so many really successful coaches that I was on fire to reach their level. I learned a lot from all the reading, but it really only told me what the great ones do. SightShift has been the only resource that taught me how to become the leader and performer I admired.

What's your vision? The vision is to see a bunch of really ambitious athletes and coaches smile and dance while they play on their journey to the gold medal stand. I remember when I was a kid watching an episode of the TV show Smart Guy. In this episode the intimidating enforcer on the basketball team found religion, got soft and quit the sport in the name of peace, love and happiness. Everyone was devastated. That's not my dream. I love competition. I'm as ambitious as anyone. And I want to win. I want to help people like me become the champion they desire and enjoy the process along the way.

What's the first step? Well, the first step already happened and is happening. It has been allowing SightShift to influence my worldview and application in my performance and leadership. The second step is launching this site to reach a bunch of people and tell our story. In September we are going to host a webinar for coaches and then this coming basketball season I will be leading the Phoenix Suns' minor league affiliate through the training program.

How can they get in touch with you? The best way for us to connect is through the website: Or I'm on twitter @b3burch.