November 12, 2017

Everyone gets stuck. (new tattoo, new book, & 10 podcast episodes) 🔥🔥

We let ourselves off the hook too easily. 

And we're way too hard on ourselves. 

We fail to admit what isn't working and we beat ourselves up for the results.

The Stuck Book is alive and breathing on amazon. 

If you want the backstory of the book and to see an image of the tattoo go

You'll also see a new podcast series I'm beginning. We launched 10 new episodes!! Last month was the biggest month for the podcast yet and I haven't loaded a new episode in 2 months. So I'm really excited for you to hear those stories and see where this takes the podcast!

If you want to go straight to the book go to for the amazon listing. Friendly reminder: iPhones block Amazon kindle purchases in the app so you have to do it thru Safari.


Imagine me with a big smile on my face asking you to PUHLEASE...

  1. Grab a copy or two now rather than waiting? EVERY SINGLE purchase helps it build early momentum on Amazon.
  2. After you read it and it changes your life 😉 (it's a short read) then please give it whatever is your honest review on Amazon? I've got all the emoji hugs for you. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


Friends make the world a better place. 

  • Thank you to the generous supporters of the book campaign. Your rewards will be on the way!
  • Thank you to The Wonder Jam for being on top of the moving parts and pieces. And thank you to Allie for the best book cover ever.
  • Thank you to Brave Little Beast for the fantastic work on telling the book's story at I'm still stunned how quickly you see a better vision and execute it.


Don't stay stuck!!!