We've all felt unsure of what to do next.

Experts, articles offering advice, and well meaning loved ones amplify the anxiety. What they say you need to do feels like worn-out-hand-me-down clothes that don't fit.

Conventional wisdom won't help you. Their answers aren't your answers. You're in a different season. You need customized wisdom.

There is a skill that will help you achieve clarity about your next step. You have to figure out where you are.

The stuck book is a short book you can pick up when you have a question and get an answer for what needs to be done. Seize the day? Wait and ponder? Whether it's your job or a relationship there are 4 simple answers for your 1,000,000 questions.

Over a year ago I lost motivation for one of the most important roles of my life. I'll talk more about this in the book.

Rather than fight or ignore this reality I paid attention to it. I stopped trying to force an old motivation or shame myself for what I couldn't help or change.

[Here was the shift I made and I realized it was a SKILL.]

What I learned was that if you're stuck, you have to figure out where you are.

If you develop this skill then you won't stay stuck. No matter the role you fill or the decision that needs to made when you apply this skill to your situation you see the next step.

[Here's what is going to happen when you're stuck.]

You're going to get bad advice from somewhere. Can you recognize when the advice isn't helpful? The model I offer in this book will help you quickly filter how to best gain wisdom from those around you and reject what isn't for you at this moment.

[Here's the solution and the skill you need to learn.]

The stuck book is a short book you can pick up any time you're in a position where you don't know what to do next. Over time you'll learn the skill and intuitively make better and faster decisions. 

[Here's the benefits of this skill.]

We stop forcing solutions that keep us stuck.
We don't feel driven by the pressure of others.
We learn to accept where we are and get movement by taking the next critical step.
We feel relaxed about the things we can't change.
We gain wisdom by focusing on what we can change.

“an invaluable tool for navigating the seasons of my life and business”
— Amazon reviewer

Ready to get un-stuck?

When we feel unsure or stuck we lose the ability to make the most of our lives. We become our own worst enemy as we halt action or force false solutions.

The Stuck Book will help you develop the skill of knowing how to figure out what's next.



We don't need more knowledge or information. We need wisdom. We need customized wisdom for our situation.

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The Tattoo

Part of the crowdfunding campaign for this book was the tattoo challenge. We didn’t hit that goal but I wanted to get the tattoo anyway. The center of the SightShift worldview is an idea that identity>mission>community.

So I got the >> from the SightShift logo on my chest.

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