So you heard what I shared on the podcast? Or I may have invited you. 

I hear you. And I'm glad you're here!

When I was in high school the starter on my car began to fail. Occasionally I would go to start the car and nothing would happen! I carried jumper cables with me and would have to ask for a jump to get going and on my way. 

I'm here to give your fall a jump. 

I created a "SightShift lite" that is set up to get you moving and on your way in three key areas.

Here's what it includes:

  • 3 meetings. One a month during Sept, Oct, Nov.
  • We chat for 45 minutes after you've spent time wrestling through resources I will send you. Each session will give you exercises and teaching. The call will not be catching you up but instead customizing what you need based on the work you did in between the calls.
  • Each meeting will be around 3 themes. We'll build a character matrix of Grit, Leadership, and Humility.
  1. Theme 1: Develop toughness and build grit. How to build practices that keep you at your best. (You'll be reading a short book that I wrote which I send to you. You'll also have 2 audios to listen to.)
  2. Theme 2: Lead without fear or indifference. How to develop and move your vision forward. (You'll have one audio to listen to and apply.)
  3. Theme 3: Sit down. Be humble. How to get a stuck relationship improving or a great relationship amplified with enjoyment. (You'll be watching/listening to a 9 part course and we'll uncover which area you need to focus to improve the relationship.)

If you've wanted the 12 weeks but can't swing it this will be a great intro. If you've completed the 12 weeks and want a tune up this will help.

How much?

Right now for our 1 on 1 program that is 12 weeks the cost is $5,000.00. So if I divide that by a fourth for the 3 meetings we'd be at $1250.00. 

The content isn't new. It's tried and tested. You'll be getting directions and resources from me to make each meeting be as effective as possible. But it is the first time I've put it together like this. So for this launch I'm offering this at $900.00. If it doesn't massively over deliver then you can ask for your money back and we'll still be friends. 

Pay $900.00 at this PayPal link here and then I'll contact you to set up the meetings:

Feel free to ask a question and I'll get back with you. I only have so many spots open and once this is gone I can't make more time available for the fall. 

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