SIGHTSHIFT is a leadership accelerator for mindset training. In 6 hours (12 as a team) you can learn to stay and be at your best as a leader.

3 lessons fast growing companies don't have to learn the hard way:


Don't burn out. 

Investing in the primary leader and the management team only makes the organization more successful. 

You need a solid leadership presence and team.



Don't miss out.

You're always a few hires away from losing the environment you're working hard to build.

You need a plan for onboarding new/existing team members fast and effectively.



Don't run out.

Eventually your vision will be hampered by the depth and quality of your leadership pipeline.

You need a deep bench.

What makes SightShift different?

3 benefits that address the 3 realities of burning out, missing out, and running out:


Defined Leadership Journey

Through the wrestling with 12 exercises there will be 12 outcomes and 7 mindsets achieved. The word leadership is too nebulous and there aren't enough defining benchmarks for what world class leadership looks like.

Shared Experiences/Language

Stress develops or diminishes the individual. Stress experienced with others that is framed correctly becomes an opportunity to embody and advance a shared culture. We define leadership development so clearly the impact spreads.


Institutions fail or serve the individual. If they serve the individual the collective whole is made better. Institutions are performing optimally when peer to peer relationships are forming and actively processing a defined leadership journey with a shared language.

How do we do it?

STEP 1: Define and embark on the leadership journey

The CEO/Owner is coached through our 12-week or 2-day process. In addition the executive team goes through it after or during this time frame. These are done in solo or group sessions.

STEP 2: Establish shared experiences/language

2 day events are held for groups to go through the 12 part process over 2 days of 6 hours. These events are small and done in batches for the executives, managers, and directors. For smaller companies the entire team goes through the process. 

STEP 3: Leave behind a process for micro-apprenticeships

An onsite leader gets certified to champion and lead the micro-apprenticeships. 


Each step is supported by the SightShift leadership academy with video, audio, and text of the lessons. For companies that desire an academy branded to their organization this is available.

It's for those who want more.

All leaders need to be able to enter optimum mental states on demand. And growing organizations need a ready supply of these leaders. The largest companies know that investment in world class training is a must. With SightShift you can have world class training at scale.

SightShift yo self with these tools.

“Chris McAlister’s content on leadership is like none other that I’ve seen before. He quickly gets at the heart of what true great leaders are made of and how folks can transform themselves. The best way I can describe his essence is a psychologist, a leadership expert, a sage and a comedian all wrapped up into one. He has helped me and several of my teams to improve, not only their work performance, but also in other aspects of their lives.”
— Director, Worldwide Safety and Assurance for Disney, Michael Siemer