A friend shared this with you and I'm glad you're here.


You're here because someone shared this page with you. 

They found what I do of help to them. And they thought I could possibly serve you in some way.

I love helping people be the best of who they can be in their life and leadership. I also love bbq.

Since they passed this page on to you then they must think you're pretty coo. 

(I left the "l" off on purpose. Just seeing if you and I are a fit. I'm betting we are since a friend sent you here.) 

You're still reading? Then since a friend sent you here as a gift I'd love to do one 20 minute chat with you.
Hopefully that is more impressive to you than my children. :-) 
And 20 minutes is enough to help you get awareness of what's next for you.

Know this: I aim for meaningful impact in one chat.

It's not about selling you anything just serving you in your next step.

If we chat and then you want to do more together, that's coo too.

I've got a number of pathways from a 12 week coaching program that will change everything (more info here) to a course designed to help you manage yourself and others effectively (link here). Sometimes friends share this page because they want me to speak for their event or train their team. Whatever you need when it comes to being human and leading awesome I'll do all I can.

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“I had been reading heaps of self help books about unblocking yourself creatively and how to live with the resistance. I tried to get better by raising my intensity which lead to burn out. I felt like I had reached the top level of my self taught Kung-fu and now I needed a grand-master to guide me. Someone to “Mr Miyagi” me and help connect my own dots. I had also just started my first business which was putting pressure on me that I had never experienced.

Chris is one of the smartest people I have spoken to and is a freak when it comes to this stuff…the more you invest in him the more he comes right back at you”
— Shaun Singh