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Navigate #[x] - [Concept title]

Find your path to fearless leadership The Navigate Event Series is for leaders who are passionate about growing but are feeling lost in the leadership wilderness. 

Come to all 10 events or just come to this one. 

[Concept title (Grit, Compassion, etc)] [Basic definition of the concept - no more than 4 short sentences]


In 1.5 hours you’ll experience: 

1. A deep exploration of a concept with Chris McAlister of SightShift.

2. An interview with an expert to dive further into the idea.

3. Prompts & exercises to complete with your fellow leaders.

4. Tools to integrate the new concept for the long haul. 


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About SightShift 

Your guide on your journey towards self-awareness. Over the past 10 years, Chris McAlister has developed a guided process that helps shift leaders from stuck and confused into fearless and compassionate. He’s also the author of two books and trains new coaches in his process. 

We explore alongside you and your team, empowering you with the tools you need when you need them, and never before. 

SightShift focuses on: 

One-on-one coaching that helps you find your center of gravity so you can face any situation with strength. 

Team coaching that brings everyone together under a focused purpose, increasing productivity and decreasing stress. 

Culture building that activates and inspires members long after the session is over, reducing turnover and smoothing over communications. 

Visit us at www.sightshift.com to learn more.